One Week Older and Wiser Too

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This past week was probably the hardest it has been for me. It wasn’t really what I would have expected going into the halfway mark of the MTC. There have been some really good days, but also a lot of really low days. The MTC really pushes your testimony to its limits. IMG_0131It takes more than just a testimony to serve a mission, it takes a true conversion to the Gospel.

This week started off with getting new TRC’s (Investigators). Our first one’s name was Bubba. Just a little bit about him; Bubba grew up in the hood and had a really hard life. He was part of a gang and his dad died when he was four. Our first meeting we went in with the plan to get to know him and find his needs, so we would know how to help him. What was meant to be a nice get to know you lesson turned out to be a 25-minute argument that left me and my companion shook up and questioning our testimonies. The second meeting started off the same way but later was settled in the last 10 minutes when we found out why he didn’t like us so much. We got to know him but he didn’t get to know us. Once we told him about ourselves things calmed down and we have helped him grow so much closer IMG_0161to Heavenly Father. It’s crazy how prayer and the little details like talking about yourself can make a huge difference.

On Tuesday, we had a devotional… ELDER BEDNAR CAME!!!! He gave a talk that was a once in a lifetime opportunity! It was such an amazing experience!! His topic was One by One. In the scriptures, Jesus Christ tells stories about being the ONE. For example, Luke 15:8-10; Luke 15: 11-24; 3 Nephi 11:6-17. He knows each and every one of us by name. He knows each and every one of our trials, and He knows and loves each and every one of his children. “There is no such thing as coincidence when you are on the Lord’s errand.” Every person we run into, every experience we have in life is for a reason and its what we are supposed to experience. We are all on the Lord’s errand bringing His children closer to their Heavenly Father. Its the most amazing feeling to know IMG_0123that we all have an impact of someone’s life. At the end of Elder Bednar’s talk, he told us he wrote a song called “One by One.” Sadly, I didn’t get to sing in the actual choir that performed at the devotional, because we had a TRC at the same time as the practice, but I did get to be one of the first ones to know about and sing it. It’s such a beautiful song! He told us it will be released in the New Era next month!

IMG_0142The older missionaries that were helping us out a lot left on Tuesday to the Mesa Arizona Mission! I also met two elders that are going to the Tempe Arizona Mission, so you guys might see them! I can’t remember their names… I’ll write a letter home and let yall know. They are really cool!

Its crazy the next time you get an email from me I’ll be in Georgia!!! The MTC has been such a great learning experience for me. I love the people here. We have made it one big family. I am going to miss a lot of people, but we were all sent here to do so much more. I have already seen so many miracles happen and we aren’t even out in IMG_0110the field, ITS CRAZY!!

I have already seen so many miracles happen and we aren’t even out in the field, ITS CRAZY!! Elder Rippstein and Elder Cox had a TRC that they taught the plan of salvation. Elder Cos started talking about baptisms by proxy and confused the TRC, which was funny until the next time they met with him. The guy ended up having a dream about his dad that passed away. In the dream his dad told him “son, I have accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Listen to the IMG_0165missionaries, get baptized, and finish our genealogy.” The guy woke up wrote what happened down, then got it laminated and handed it to the elders in the second lesson. They were shocked at what happened. The guy asked what genealogy was and how he could get started. It was such a crazy experience! But the last time they met with him on the way out the door he told the elders that he has stomach cancer and only has 6 months to live. It was so sad. The Lord has a plan for all of us. He loves each and every one of you. Pray and listen for an answer. He will always listen to you and help you.

Since this week is our last Sunday in the MTC we are singing “Come Thou Fount” as a  special musical number, but there are only 3 elders in our district so it’s kind of like singing a solo. I never thought I’d be singing a special musical number in sacrament meeting. It’s never too late to try new things! I hope yall have a great week. I love you so much and miss every one of you!


Elder Summers

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