Critter Fest

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jun 30, 2016 | 0 comments

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this week so much has happened! We have been doing a lot of service for people. We volunteered at a thrift store, which was fun. We sorted old ladies clothes and threw away a bunch of stuff that people were dropping off.

image3-2Right as we finished a member called us to come help him move so we drove like 30 minutes to see him. He had us moving wood that was stored in a small extension of his house out to the driveway. Elder Spotten and I decided to stack the wood on a little red wagon so we could take one trip. As we were picking up wood Elder Spotten says, “Oh look a black widow.” I dropped the wood and walked away, that was it, I was NOT gonna move wood if there were spiders involved! We ended up taking the next 30 minutes to kill the spiders. We counted about 15+ black widows the size of a dime. it was literally the worst thing in the world. The best part was when we told the guy that we saw some black widows he’s like, “oh that’s not good.”

image2-1I’ve seen so many critters out here. The members have been talking, telling us that they have seen some scorpions lately. I chuckled a bit cause they were freaking out about them, but they told me that the scorpions that they were seeing were a little less than a foot long. I stopped laughing. I told them that that wasn’t a scorpion, it’s a spawn of Satan. But after we helped the guy move we went to eat dinner with a family, but the husband was on his farm so we went to the farm to eat in their barn. We ended up helping him farm his potatoes and fixing his barn door.

Along with doing a lot of service for people, we had an exchange this week. I went down to Canton for a day. While I was down there I had such a strong spiritual experience. We went and saw a lady that was having really bad migraines. We were going to just drive past her house to see if she was home, but the member that we brought with us felt like we should stop so we did. We sat on her porch and talked about so many things. She shared with us some spiritual stories and you could see she had such a testament of Jesus Christ. TenCommandmentsWe asked if she would like a priesthood blessing of healing. We explained what it was and she was little hesitant, but she said she would like one. We went into her home and gave her the blessing. I anointed the oil and Elder Burton gave her the blessing. After he concluded you could feel the spirit in the house. We sat down in front of her on the couch for a little bit to just feel the Spirit. We asked how she was feeling, she smiled and wiped the tears out of her eyes and said she was feeling a lot better. Since the time we pulled up to her house she was on an oxygen tube. When we got there and as we were talking to her she ended up taking in out because she was feeling better. She began to tell me that the moment I placed my hands on her head she felt a warmth, a warmth that wasn’t just my hands. She said she felt like Jesus Christ was placing his hands on her head. I testified to her that truly he was; the words that were spoken in the blessing came directly from Heavenly Father. I shared an experience I had with giving an Elder in the MTC a blessing of healing. I said that when I concluded his blessing he stood up and hugged me and said thank you, he told me that that blessing answered prayers that he has been praying for, for months.

I can truly testify to each and every one of you of the power of priesthood blessings. That the words that are spoken in the blessings are direct words from Heavenly Father and he hears and answers every single one of our prayers. He knows each of us individually and he knows what is best for us.

I hope y’all have a great week! Stay cool! It’s getting hot outside, the humidity here just sticks to you! I much rather have a dry heat! Anyways, love y’all! Sorry the email is so long this week!


Elder Summers

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