The Lord’s Mysterious Ways

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This week has been very interesting haha. So it started off with us getting prank called the whole afternoon last P-Day, which was funny but frustrating because we couldn’t tell if she was serious or not.

image2-3We helped a member move and while we were doing that it started POURING rain, but the work must go on. It legit felt like we were in a Jurassic park movie. The storms here are weird! You could see the rain coming in the distance, then all of a sudden the leafs on the trees start moving really hard. You can’t tell if it’s the rain coming in or the wind. Then all of a sudden the rain comes in and they are GIANT rain drops and it comes down hard. But after about 5-10 minutes of rain its clear blue skies and you get stuck with the humidity for the rest of the day.

image3-3Tuesday we had exchanges again so I went down to hickory flats for a day and it was quite the experience. Their area is biking only so I got to ride a bike for the first time in Georgia. It’s not as fun as I thought. It’s super hilly here so its a struggle to get up the hills and I realized I’m definitely not in shape like I used to be. We had to stop every five minutes so I could take a breather and get some water haha. While I was tracking down there no one was answering doors, which is pretty common. I got to the point where I wanted to just give up and go back to the apartment because it felt like we were wasting time and we were exhausted. But I said a prayer to have the motivation to keep going, after a few minutes the pains in my legs stopped and we finished the road. image1-3We skipped a house because there was a long dirt road to it and we weren’t sure how long it was. Elder Duffin (my companion I was on exchanges with) asked if we should go down and knock it. We didn’t have water and no one was answering so we couldn’t ask for water. Without a doubt, I said yes, so we walked. When we got to the house a man answered and he ended up giving us coke. It wasn’t water, but beggers can’t be choosers lol. It was a testimony builder to me that if we push through the tough times and make the effort to keep going, the Lord will bless you.

Another amazing thing that happened this week was when we went to share the plan of salvation with one of our members who recently lost his sister. He lives in a community care center. image2-2When we went over to the lady that was in charge of the center told us he was at the funeral in Tennessee. We told her we were just going to share a message about the plan of salvation with him and kinda explained what it was. She began to tell us that she recently lost her mother in law 2 weeks ago and had a lot of questions about the life after death and what happens to us. Her mother in law was actually the head caretaker of the home and Elder Spotten talked to her the day before she passed away so he was kinda freaking out about it. We sat down with the lady, her name is Kim. We shared the plan of salvation with her along with the restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ… We spent 3 hours there talking with her. She told us that when we explained the plan of salvation she felt like she knew it was true. She turned out to be a really amazing investigator and I know without a doubt we were sent there for Kim instead of our member. It was cool to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways and you never know who you are actually being sent to teach or talk to!

image4A lot of crazy things happened this week we got yelled at by a few people to get off their land. I got in my first bible bash with a southern baptist!!! Then the next day, the 4th of July, we got in another but this time, he wouldn’t let Elder Spotten talk he only wanted me to answer the questions, which I refused to so I just sat there and smiled at him… He didn’t like that haha. But then he would be super friendly and invited us to come back and have dinner with him and his wife. The weird part was, in the beginning, he asked our first names because he wanted to get on a personal level, he wanted us to be ourselves. It was like a rerun of what happened in the MTC with the investigator that yelled at us for 25 minutes. This guy was a former investigator and the missionaries used to go over to their house a lot.

image1-4We spent 3 hours at this guys house, he talked about the theory of music and a bunch of math stuff he knew. He then proceeded to tell us some dirt about the church and how he has read things about Joseph Smith and how his dad read peoples fortunes off a crystal ball… I smiled and laughed. The best part was Elder Spotten left them with a talk by JEFFERY R. HOLLAND, that throws down on people that believe the Book of Mormon is an add on to the bible. It talks about how if we add to this book we will be cursed and stuff. When we got back to the apartment Elder Spotten showed me the video and I died laughing.

IMG_8858The rest of the day was great, we lit sparklers off with one of our members who is blind so it was super awesome to watch and spend time with her. She said it made her day because she used to do that as a kid, so it brought back a lot of memories and made her really happy! Then we ended the night by watching the fireworks on our roof. They launched them off at a middle school that’s right down the street from us so we were pretty close. The 4th of July in the south is intense. A lot of the people here are Vietnam veterans so they have a parade and literally the whole town of Jasper shuts down for it. Then you have everyone with a GIANT American flag and confederate flag flying off the back of their trucks, as well as a town fair. You see a lot of interesting people haha. Well I hope all went well yesterday (the 4th) and last week and I hope all continues to go well this week!


Elder Summers

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