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This week has been a humbling week for me. We talked to a lot of people about “The Family, A Proclamation to The World,” which was quite interesting. Before this week they just sat on a shelf in our house, but Elder Spotten felt like we needed to hand them out.

image3When we changed to talking about the family rather than the restoration first, we saw that more people would listen to us because they know how important families are. It was amazing to sit down with people and talk about how they can strengthen their family. A lot of people agreed with us and told us that’s how a family should be, but sadly in today’s world, we see it slowly crumbling.

One investigator we talked to was telling us about her family and how they are struggling each week to get the necessities. She told us she wishes she had more money to support her family. She kept telling us how she wished she had different trials in her life because she sees people that look like their lives are perfect, they have a nice house, a working car, air conditioning, etc. As I listened to her I started to think of how much I took for granted. We often don’t think about those little things like a car or a house with air conditioning and food each week. If we do we sometimes don’t know how much work has been put into making sure that that was there for us and working. As we listened to her tell us these trials and hard times she was going through we were able to testify to her that those struggles we have are for us specifically and that if we were to lay our trials out on a table and have the person we wish we could be, lay all their trials out on a table, we would take all our trials back because they may seem easier.

image2Every single person is struggling in their own way and as we go through those struggles we learn how to handle them over time. But the greatest thing someone told us this week was that “the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, it’s there to support us through anything” and that’s 110% true. Obeying God’s commandments and putting him first isn’t just something we do for fun, it’s something we are asked to do and in return, he promises us he will bless us. After we told her this we pointed out that because she has been struggling with these things she has learned to appreciate them more. Whereas if someone has all these things and it comes easily to them they don’t really appreciate it. She thought about it and agreed that she has learned to appreciate the things she has. This experience opened my eyes a lot. We may not know the reasons why we go through the trials we do, but the most important thing that we remember is that we are given specific struggle and trials for reasons and we need to learn to trust in the Lord, and trust that by obeying his commandments such as paying tithing, or obeying the word of wisdom, going to church, and doing the things he asks he will make sure you get by with what you need, not necessarily with what you want.

Some fun things that happened this week, Elder Spotten and I got to play firefighter and burn a bunch of trash for a lady. We made a huge bonfire in her backyard! She came out and handed us a box that was full of old pictures and papers and random things. When we were going through them we were looking at it and there were newspapers from the 1930s, it was amazing to see! I love looking at things from the past and the history and stuff and I didn’t want to burn it! I was literally BURING HISTORY! We got to the point where we just dumped the box on the fire. As we were sifting through it getting it all to burn we came across a small bible.. we hurried and pulled it out so we wouldn’t go to hell for burning a bible… I ended up keeping it because it was really cool haha.

image4A cool little experience happened to me with prayer the day before we played firefighter. So a little background info before I tell the story. A lady gave a talk about prayer and how if in our prayers we asked for things we need specifically, the Lord will provide it if it’s something WE NEED. For example, you can’t like pray for a million dollars and the Lords like okay and hits you in the face with a million dollars. It needs to be reasonable.

So Elder Spotten’s toilet seat broke so he prayed for a new toilet seat and 2 days later him and his companion were cleaning out a shed for a lady and she comes outside holding a clear toilet seat with a bunch of fish and stuff on it and asked “do you know anyone who needs a toilet seat?” He freaked out! So I decided to put it to the test this week, I prayed for a picture frame to put a family proclamation in to give to an investigator. So the next day when we were burning all the papers and things in the fire we were standing there admiring the flames when I realized there was a perfect frame we could have used burning in the middle of the fire. I started freaking out and told Elder Spotten what was going on and he just laughed. There wasn’t anything we could do about it, but it was really cool to see that he does answer prayers. We just need to make sure we are looking for answers!

image1Yesterday we got to talk to a less active members husband who was a truck driver and he told us some really interesting facts. He asked us how old we thought an apple was when we buy them at the store. We both guessed maybe a couple weeks. He laughed and said they are actually 4-5 years old. When they are picked they put the apples in a 0 oxygen room that stops them from aging. Then they pull them out and put them in trucks and take them straight to the store to sell, that’s why apples rot so fast!! My mind was blown. Also, he told us a cool fact about marble that I’m not totally sure on, but he said that marble and cole are both fish bones from when the earth was flooded or they are pieces of fish bone in them. I can’t really remember. But it was fun to learn some cool facts!

I got Elder Spotten into learning origami because we met an investigator that loves origami, so I made her a crane and she loved it! She told me that I’m the first person to ever give her an origami crane and that I had a talent for making them. I never really thought of origami as a talent. I thought of it more as a way to pass time and make people happy, but we told her we would come back and make some more for her and teach her how to make them! It was super cool. When we got there she was having a bad day but by the time we left we had got her to not stop smiling. It’s the littlest things like talking to someone for a few minutes about their day or making them something or doing something for them that can make the biggest differences in their life!

Funny question of the week: Someone asked us this question and we weren’t quite sure what to say “does God sneeze? If so, what do you say? He doesn’t need the blessings, HE’S GOD!” I was baffled. Anyways, I hope y’all are having a great day! Try and do something for someone this week! Stay cool (:


Elder Summers

Picture of the turtle: This is steve, our pet turtle we almost ran over. After like 2 days he ran away 🙁 guess he wasn’t ready for the Gospel just yet :\

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