Showered with Service

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jul 21, 2016 | 0 comments

This week has been crazy busy with service. Every time we had an appointment they canceled and we had someone call us asking if we could do service for them. We had some crazy experiences, though. During our weekly planning, I was really craving some hot dogs that we had in the fridge. Elder Spotten said we needed to finish planning before we could make lunch. As we sat down to plan about 15 minutes in we get a call from a member asking if we could help them move some furniture. We hesitated but said we would go but couldn’t stay very long. As we were driving image1over the member texted us asking if we had eaten lunch yet, we told her no and she responded telling us if we would like to stay for grilled hot dogs and fries…We learned that as we put the Lord’s work first and serve others he will in return bless us. Mosiah 2:17 “…when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

That night we ended up helping a lady move. When we finished she told us there are two fridges in her garage that we can go through and take any food we would like. We packed 3 boxes full of food and now our fridge is overflowing with food! The Lord will take care of and bless those who serve him! That was the main lesson for this week that we learned.

image2On Saturday night, a lady from the branch asked if we could come help her move a piano. As we got there the lady wasn’t home, but there were 4 cars of people there to help move it. As we waited for her a storm started rolling in. By the time she arrived to let us in it started pouring rain and we tried thinking of how we can transport the piano to the other ladies house that lives 45 minutes away in a rain storm that was ripping trees out of the ground. We had 3 tarps but 2 of them had holes all over them because rats had gotten to them, one of which we found a rats nest in the tarp when we unfolded it. This whole move that was supposed to be a quick hour and a half move ended up taking us 5 hours… After we finally got the piano loaded up and covered, the rain stopped and it was clear blue skies. The weather here can be a bit frustrating at times! Before we left we saw a police car on the highway next to the house. He was blocking the road because a tree

image3Before we left we saw a police car on the highway next to the house. He was blocking the road because a tree had fallen down. One of the leaders that was there helping us move the piano had a chainsaw in the back of his truck, only in the south will you find someone with a chainsaw in the back of their truck. We ended up going down and chopping the tree up and moving it out of the road.

Also during this week we went to a house of a less active member that we thought we would meet, but as we knocked on the house we were told the that the person was out of town fishing. We asked the gentleman if he could tell them we stopped by and he said sure. Then Elder Spotten told him we were going to take pictures with the goats in their front yard. Out in their yard, they had a ton of fighting chickens and goats roaming around. The said ok whatever then shut the door. It was a really weird experience, but we took pictures with the goats which was pretty legit haha.

image4One of our investigators said they saw a picture of us in the newspaper. One of the members works for the newspaper and put us in it! Elder Spotten and I went to the grocery store and picked up a stack and started checking out. We had a few people that work there look at us funny cause we just walked in looking like the managers and grabbed a stack of newspapers and left.

Those are pretty much the main highlights for this week, things are slowing down a bit, no one is really open to listening to a message but that’s okay! Every person that we talk to that doesn’t want to hear a message now will eventually hear it again and we are just bringing them one step closer. No effort is wasted!


Elder Summers

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