It’s Not Easy Being Green

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Aug 3, 2016 | 0 comments

Nothing much has happened this week, the work has still been pretty slow. It was transfers on Wednesday so we’ve had a few changes in our zone. A few missionaries had finished up their missions and a few others got transferred to other areas. We got 30 new missionaries in our mission and a few are in our zone. It feels like a week ago that I was in their shoes; it’s crazy how fast time flies!

image1This week we met with a couple members that we teach and it was really awesome because the messages we had planned to share with them were purely off of inspiration. They were messages that the members really needed to hear. It’s amazing to see the smiles on their face when you start talking and you can see that it was an answer to their prayers. Not going to lie though, besides those few lessons, this week has been pretty rough.

image3Missions are NOT an easy thing, they are filled with a lot of trials physically, mentally, and spiritually. Its a constant reminder of how important it is to remember we are given trails to learn and to grow. Each struggle we have is to teach us something new. The closer we get to Heavenly Father and the more focus we have on listening to the spirit, the stronger Satan tries to pull us away.

image2We’ve had a few people move this weekend, so we had the opportunity to go and help those. It seems like ever week we have people moving out of the branch, so it gets smaller and smaller. But most of the week has been filled with service, which I love getting out and being able to help in any way that I can. We’ve been serving at the animal shelter a lot, cleaning out dog and cat cages and things like that. It gets pretty gross, but afterwards we get to play with the animals, which is always a tender mercy haha.

image4This week was filled with trying new things….A member that we helped move took us out to dinner at a Chinese buffet. Buffets in general are sketchy things to go to. As we were there we decided to try a few things. I can now officially say I’ve eaten frog leg, crawdad, and oysters, as well as boiled peanuts! They weren’t too bad, but I would probably never eat them again. We still haven’t gotten road kill yet, but its on the list! You can’t live your life in fear, you have to get out and take a leap of faith to try new things. I’ve learned that a lot being out and talking to people. Its a lot different than what I did back home. Hope y’all are doing well and having fun! Have a great week!


Elder Summers

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