The Power of Prayer

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Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” has become my new favorite scripture, because I truly have a firm testimony in this. God hears and he answers each of our prayers, and as we have that desire to reveal things, he will give them unto us.

image1August 17th marks the day, I received a text out of the blue from the elders down in Canton asking if I had found my journal, I told them I had not and they asked what it looked like. I told them it was dark blue and had a compass engraved in it. I asked if they were at the Woodstock building where I lost it and they told me that they were, I asked if they found it and they told me they hadn’t had time to look yet but they would.

After a few tense moments later I received a text saying, ” We have it!! (: ” my heart dropped and I was filled with joy! My journal had been lost for 3 weeks now, after nights of sincere prayer, tear filled begging, and endless worry of if I would ever see that journal again, I had finally received an answer to my trial.

My parents had sent me a journal to fill in the meantime and these past two days I was really debating starting to write in it Instead of writing on my iPad. Sister Bennion told me to keep praying and looking but in the mean time start over and recall stories of things until I could find it.

Kind of like the story in the August 2016 Ensign about The Lost Scriptures. It was very similar, Elder Gene L. Cook had his scriptures and inspired notes stolen, they had looked and prayed for days on end for them to be found. He stopped studying the scriptures because he didn’t want to unless they were his because he had several notes in them from over the years, they were very dear to him. He finally had to start over in his wife’s scriptures.

image2Three weeks after he lost them, he received a package on his desk with the scriptures and inspired notes, no damage or anything to them. I thought it was amazing how that story ties together very similarly to what I went through, and 3 weeks later I ended up finding mine!

That day during personal study I was looking for a scripture to actually start my new journal off with, I’m glad I waited ha. I have such a strong testimony of prayer and true sincere desire to receive things that are dear to us.

The story about my journal will stay with me forever as a lesson learned. It turns out, a member from the church had found it and taken it home, they then returned it to the Elders in the Woodstock Ward and they in turn gave it to the Canton Elders, and the Canton Elders called me. I don’t know who the family was or the story behind that yet but I hope to one day meet them and thank them in person.

This week was a very busy week, we met a lot of new people and had some really neat experiences. We came to a house that Elder Klingler had a good feeling about so we decided to try it. Upon getting close to the driveway, a big black dog appeared from under a bush by the front door.

I said nope then turned around to leave and Elder Klingler says, “Aw I had a good feeling about this one” so I said fine and we decided to try it. As we got closer the dog got in an aggressive stance and was growling. We stopped.

image3We decided to split up around a car so the dog could only go for one at a time. The dog walked more in Elder Klingler direction so I went on the other side of the car with him. As I was walking towards the dog I put my hand in front of me signaling to stay then I pointed down.

The dog put his head down then turned around and went back to the door… We walked closer, the dog started to growl. We were about 5-10 feet from the door, and the dog began to lay down, so I got on eye level with it. We were just staring at the dog trying to decide what to do.

Since I was already on the ground I began to say a prayer out loud, asking Heavenly Father to help us be able to knock the door, after I finished I got up and began to walk slowly, the dog started growling again, as I was staring it in the eyes the words, “Fear not for I am with thee” came into my head. We were able to knock the door but no one answered. So we turned and left. It was a very powerful moment and after that I had no fear of knocking any door because I knew what had just happened.

These are just a few experiences this week, we had many more just like these. There was a part where we were speaking Spanish to someone…. I don’t speak Spanish, it was seriously amazing to see, and very funny. The lady kept laughing at us because it was really butchered Spanish, like “Hola, we are missionarios for Jesus Cristo” then I asked where her dad was but I think I accidentally said who’s your daddy, oops, I didn’t pass Spanish for a reason haha. But it was a really good week!

I hope y’all have a great week! I love you!


Elder Summers

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