Go Broke

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Aug 31, 2016 | 1 comment

Have you ever eaten so much food that you don’t dare move but it tastes so good that you don’t want to stop? That question may be why I’ve put on 15 pounds…

image1There came a point this week when elder Klingler and I decided to “go broke” at a place called Zaxbys. Zaxbys is like a fast food restaurant that has really good chicken, we never get tired of it. Now the term “go broke” means exactly that, you spend all your money eating as much food as you can. Elder Klingler and I got two Kickin’ Chicken sandwiches, fries, and a medium birthday cake milkshake. The milkshakes are to die for!!  I burned a piece of my mouth off on the sandwich but it was so good!

Then we went and bought another sandwich, I was PUFFED! Ugh let me tell you I almost puked all over the place! Then we decided to go tracting…. Bad idea. We almost threw up on a contact.

image2This week was pretty busy between contacting and appointments. We met with a lady who we weren’t able to teach for about 3-4 weeks cause she has been busy, last time we taught her was when Elder Spotten and I were companions. Elder Spotten and I started teaching the plan of salvation to her, so Elder Klingler and I thought we would finish it. Turns out she was going through things in her life that that was able to really help her. We ended up putting her on date to be baptized and gave her a church tour the day before church so she wouldn’t feel as nervous.

The church tour was really an amazing experience, walking through the church when it’s absolutely quiet really invites the spirit and it was a very wonderful feeling. She came to church the next day and afterwards she told us that she is coming next week and she loves the feeling she gets. She has come such a long way since missionaries first started meeting with her! I love watching the change in people it’s the most rewarding feeling when you start to see someone’s life flip around for the better!

image3On the other side of things I found out people think we aren’t allowed to eat chocolate… Who comes up with the these things?! Chocolate?! I told them I freaking love chocolate, why would it be a sin to eat chocolate? It’s a sin not to eat chocolate if anything. My goodness.

So we had a pretty cool experience this week, Elder Klingler had an impression to go to a neighborhood so we did, it was like an unfinished housing area, like it had street lamps and a road but no houses, just tall weeds and trash everywhere. We didn’t know why we felt the prompting but we kept looking anyways. We turned down a street and we saw one house. Just one. So we parked and knocked it, no one answered, so we went to go knock houses that we saw at the top of the hill.

Well the street we started walking up ended up being the driveway to the front of the house we had just knocked. There were 2 kids playing and a lady out front. We went and started talking to her about prayer. She had such a strong testimony of prayer! She told us that sometimes you won’t get answers right away, it takes time. She also said she takes everything to Heavenly Father! We told her we felt the impression to come there that day and we didn’t know why. She said well “Maybe you’re here to teach me something I don’t know about” I asked her what her belief was about prophets and she told us, “Well maybe that’s what you’re here to teach me about.”

We got to sharing the restoration and it was one of the most amazing contacts and 1st lessons!! We invited her to be baptized as well, she said of course, if she comes to know if this is true and it’s a commandment of God she will be baptized again into the church. We are still teaching her and things are going well. I hope y’all have a good week and stay safe!


Elder Summers

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  1. Great week Elder Summers!

    For some reason I have a mad craving for chicken…

    Keep listening to the Spirit! He is the best guide! I’ll be praying for your investigators and always for our missionaries!!

    Sending love and prayers!
    Sister Robinson

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