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The time has come! This week was Jeep Fest!!! Jeep fest is legit! For the weekend people from all over come to show off their jeeps and they have an off road course with rocks and stuff for people go rock crawling and mudding, it was really cool to see jeeps all over town!

image2Elder Klingler and I decided to go check it out cause you have to fish where the fish are. Part of the town was shut down cause everyone was going to jeep fest! We didn’t have to much success though, we talked more about jeeps more than anything cause no one wanted to talk religion.

image4Now for the news, earlier this week we had received a call that elder Klingler would be training a new missionary so we were waiting to find out if he would be training in Jasper or somewhere else. Last night we found that I will be transferred to….. FLOWERY BRANCH! Which is super exciting, Flowery branch is where Elder Klingler was trained and it’s also a bike area! It’s just below Gainesville on the other side of the mission.

Also this week we decided to try a new contacting method instead of just going door to door. This week was pretty good though! We found some new people to teach as well as had some pretty good lessons. But mostly this week was filled with a ton of service as well!

image1We helped a member of our church move and by the time we got 2/3 the way done unloading everything into the house we got a call from her landlord saying they needed to take the stuff out of the house because they didn’t take pictures of the house before she moved in so we had to take everything out of the house and move it to the driveway. It was brutal ha, but we got it all worked out!

Sorry this weeks email is kind of short, things are getting busy with packing and stuff! I hope y’all have a great week! Next weeks email should be longer! I love you!

image5NOTE FROM JEFF: As you read, Elder Summers has been transferred. This means he will no longer be in Jasper, GA and will be living somewhere else. As of this letter we do not have an address yet and will not know exactly where he is until next week. So if you are sending letters or packages we would recommend waiting until we have his new address. If you have previously sent a letter or package and it may be in transit don’t worry. Elder Klingler is collecting Elder Summers mail, giving it to the zone leaders who in turn give it to the mission assistants who then give it to the zone leaders in Elder Summers new area who will give it to Elder Summers. So as you can see, the missionaries have their own unofficial postal transfer service between themselves to make sure that mail and packages are not lost. We will update the email posting and the blog with his new address as soon as we receive it.


Elder Summers

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