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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Sep 22, 2016 | 0 comments

Hello hello! This week was packed with amazing experiences!  First off fall is starting so the leaves are starting to change colors and fall off which is beautiful! The humidity is dropping and it’s getting cooler outside which is a bonus! We did get some rain Sunday all day long but it doesn’t stop us(:

We went out image4tracting in the rain getting soaking wet all to tell people we love them! Not even to share a message just to knock on their door and tell them we love them and that God loves them haha.

Sometimes it would lead into more and we would be able to share a message with them but we did find a few more people to teach which is super sweet! A lot of people told us to call it quits for the day cause it was raining but we explained to them that if we quit then someone won’t get to hear this wonderful message, they didn’t know how to respond.

image5We went and saw a less active member the other day and he collects/ fixes old cars and has a garage full of some he’s working on, they were super legit! He said he’s looking into buying a model T soon. I love seeing history and things from the past its really neat!

So a cool experience for this week, after dinner one night Elder Delas Alas and I felt that there was a family we needed to find, but we didn’t know where to look. image1All of our planned appointments fell through so we were going to go tracting for 2 hours. We decided to tract purely off of the spirit. We didn’t set a neighborhood in mind we were going to let the spirit guide us to where the family was. We prayed then set off on this journey. We decided that we were going to switch off making decisions for where to turn. Elder Delas Alas would lead and make a decision to turn then I would lead until I felt we needed to turn etc.

image2From doing this we had tracted into 6 people that the lord needed us to see at that time. There was a lady with a young boy that asked if we could come back, a lady that use to be a member of the church that had her records removed, a man that just had a quadruple bypass surgery that we asked if he would like a blessing and he said yes but when we told him how we do blessings he said he doesn’t want one and he needed to go, a lady that tried bashing with us, a man that is close with a member in the church and hires employees out of BYU, and lastly, we were led to a house that when we knocked on the door a lady came out and asked who we were, we told her we were missionaries and started to talk about the Book of Mormon.

image3She stopped us and asked how long our service was, meaning how long will the lesson take. We told her about 10 minutes and she invited us in to share the message with not only her but her whole family that was visiting. We briefly went over the restoration and gave her a pamphlet and she asked if we could come by the next day to discuss more about it. It was AMAZING to see how many people Heavenly Father will lead you to see when you follow the subtle promptings of the spirit.

Now to end with a funny story, one night we went tracting and we were walking down a neighborhood and a lady that was apparently sitting on her porch yelled, “I LOVE JESUS!” Then walked inside, so I decided we should go talk to her since she LOVES Jesus so much(: When I knocked on the door we got this response, she wouldn’t open the door so we had a conversation through the door:
Lady: Who is it?
Me: It’s us.
Lady: Who?
Me: Us.
Lady: Who’s us?
Me: The missionaries!
Lady: Don’t you think it’s a little late for missionaries?
Me: It’s never to late for jesus
Lady: We have Jesus in our home
Me: Perfect! can we talk about him?
Lady: I don’t think so have a good night!
Elder DA: can I ask you a question?
Lady: sure
Elder DA: can we have a bottle water?
Lady: I don’t think so

Then we left and knocked another door, no one answered, as we were walking to the next door the front door opened to the house we talked to with the lady, a girl came out with two bottles of water…. She apologized for her aunt and we gave her a restoration pamphlet. We figured she felt guilty for turning us down when we asked for water (:

Moral of the story, it’s never to late for Jesus and never turn down someone asking for water haha. I love y’all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Summers

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