We Done Gettin Babitizms

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Sep 29, 2016 | 3 comments

We had a crazy miracle happen this week! On Tuesday Elder Delas Alas and I had an appointment with a lady but she never answered the door so we started biking to a neighborhood where we were going to go tracting in.

image1As we were biking I saw some kids playing soccer in their front yard on the other side of the street, one of the kids waved at us. I felt a prompting that we should go play some soccer with them so we rode down the street and turned around at the stoplight and went back. We rode into the grass and asked the kids if we could play. They got really excited and split us up onto teams.

Little did they know I played soccer…. It was hilarious to see the looks on their faces when we scored about 8 goals in 2 minutes. All the sudden in the middle of our game a man yells at us to come over and talk to him… I thought he was going to yell at us and tell us to not play with his kids.

We walked over and shook his hand, he asked if we were Mormon and I said yes we are. Then he asks us if we can come over a least once a week and teach his sons. My mind was blown, I had to clarify that he just asked us to come back and teach them once a week.

image3We agreed and set up a time to come by the next day. As we were talking with them for a little bit we found out his wife was a less active member in our stake, but the dad was baptist. He said he doesn’t want to sit in on the lessons he just wants us to teach his two sons, Hadrian and Logan.

He told us to go and have fun playing soccer and that he would see us the next day. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. We continued playing then the dad called us over again, he said they were fixing to make dinner soon and he invited us in to eat with them. So of course we couldn’t turn down free food!

As we ate dinner we got to know them better and Hadrian and Logan got really excited that we were going to teach them and that they get to go to church! The next day we went by and taught them the restoration and they understood it pretty well! Hadrian is 11 and Logan is 10, so we had to explain it very simply for them, we were use to teaching older people haha.

But after the lesson we discussed baptism and invited them to be baptized. They said they had never been baptized before but they really want to. So we set a date….. OCTOBER 8, 2016!!!  Two weeks from now they will be getting baptized and they couldn’t be more excited!

image4Their parents are super supportive of them and they even dropped us off at the church on Sunday, the dad said he wouldn’t sit in on the lessons but every time we taught them he did and he said that it is very interesting and he loves hearing the messages, he asked us after the first lesson if we could actually come by everyday and teach them.

Now there is a twist to the story that blew my mind even further. The mom works at Subway, and last week we had bought Subway for a homeless lady and her daughter and the mom of Hadrian and Logan was the one that took our order.

So just a few days after we bought the homeless lady food we ended up tracting into this mom and her family and now they are getting baptized. It was CRAZY!! On Sunday one of the members of the ward was getting baptized because he turned 8 so we brought Hadrian and Logan to the baptism and they loved it!

The mom of Hardin and Logan said she wanted to get back into the church because she missed it, it was amazing to see all of this happening, it was almost to good to be true! You can say we had a pretty great week(: I hope y’all do to! Take care, I love you and miss you!


Elder Summers


  1. Wow Dakota….what a powerful story of following prompting a…helping the needy and blessings that are promised when we do HIS work!!
    And you got to play soccer
    Love your emails…keep the work alive!
    Aunt Kaye Lynn

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  2. Hi Elder Summers: I really love your letters. You and your companions are great examples of following promptings, never losing your faith and being obedient! It has been so much fun to read all about your great experiences and even the ones that don’t sound so great. I love your positive attitude no matter what your week had been like.

    Keep up the great work!!

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  3. Elder Summers!
    What a great experience! All those little markers led up to preparing this family. They too must have seen and felt the signs of coming to (and back to) His church.

    – Homeless lady’s sandwich
    – soccer
    – being in the right area
    – the father acting on his prompting for his boys
    – the mom being inactive and wanting to come back
    – the 8 year old’son baptism
    Did I miss anything? So powerful, so amazing!

    They sound like a great family. I will pray for them and for the father’said heart to be more softened. He won’t be far behind his family. He shows a lot of love there.

    Love our Missionaries!
    Sister Robinson

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