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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 6, 2016 | 2 comments

The weeks get shorter and shorter I swear. But each day has been a testament of how important the spirit is in our lives. I’ve had quite a few experiences this week with miracles happening because we followed the Spirit.

image3We went to visit a person we were teaching and when we showed up he and his friend were fixing a lawn mower. They had dropped 3 washers and a nut into the mower so when we showed up they had their faces pressed against the mower and flashlights pointed in, trying to find the washers and nuts. I asked what they were doing then asked if they needed help. Their friend looked at me and said “not the way your dressed, you’ll ruin your clothes!”

image5I told him “Well that’s what washers are for” then I picked up the flashlight and began searching. Within 5 minutes I found all but 1 washer. Something kept nagging at me to look under the mower. I hadn’t seen a hole big enough for the washer to fall under the mower but without hesitation I looked anyways. And to my surprise there the washer was, sitting right under the mower. I picked it up and handed it to him and the person we were teaching said I’m hired haha.

They had been sitting outside trying to find the washers and nut for 2 hours and I found them in 5-10 minutes. image4The best part was, his friend asked if I had gotten dirty. I looked at my hands and not a lick of grease or dirt was on them. The little whispers of the Spirit tend to come across as just a random thought sometimes or a crazy idea, but when we act on that crazy idea or random thought, it seems to make an even crazier story.

Another experience I had this week was on Sunday morning when went over to one of our investigator’s house to watch general conference, we arrived there about 30 image6minutes early with the intention of teaching them a little bit about prophets before conference so she knew what to expect. But as we began talking we felt prompted to teach Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation.

She was expressing her sadness about losing a child at birth and we were able to share the comforting knowledge with her that she would be able to raise her daughter again in the life after death. The joy filled her heart and a smile came over her face.

image2As conference began to start we sat back and listened intently. The first speaker was the prophet, Thomas S. Monson. He began to talk about the plan of salvation, immediately it became known to me why I had felt we needed to share the message of the plan of salvation. It was a reoccurring theme in this past conference and it was a testament to me that as we listen to the Spirit the Lord will guide us to what we need to do and say.  

There were some more experiences that came when we followed the Spirit but I’ll leave this week’s email with just those.

image1Some little updates, I ate at a Texas BBQ restaurant called Moonies, which lives up to the southern BBQ expectations, that stuff was AMAZING!

I’ve also experienced a Mexican fiesta…one of our investigator’s sister had a baby shower so that was legit, also Elder Delas Alas and I took it upon ourselves to learn a little Español so when people use the excuse that they don’t speak English I hit them with the “Oh okay! Somos los misioneros de la iglesia de Jesus Cristo de los santos do los últimos días” sometimes it freaks them out, other times it freaks me out because they start saying other things to me and I just blankly smile at them. It’s an interesting experience!

Also, I cut open some cactus fruit for Elder Delas Alas to try, that was fun to watch! Also our investigators, Logan and Hadrian that were going to be baptized on October 8th ended up moving their date to October 22, 2016 so we have some more time to teach them without rushing things!

But overall it was a pretty good week. I hope y’all have a great week! I love you!


Elder Summers


  1. Super great letter! No coincidence, all Spirit! Great ear Elder!

    I am sure you teaching about the Plan of Salvation to her, then the prophet speaks, that his just solidified the her how true the gospel is and what power, strength, and how in-tune her missionaries are!

    Always praying for and thinking of our missionaries!

    Sister Naomi Robinson

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  2. One of the most important lessons for anyone is to learn to recognize the influence of the Spirit and then to have the joyful, testimony building experience of acting upon its influence!
    I’m not surprised and yet so happy that you are having such great experiences and that you are able to recognize them for what they are!

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