Facts Vs. Faith

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 13, 2016 | 0 comments

Hello again! It feels like I just sent an email a few days ago! The time is flying by! Transfers are next Tuesday, the 18th!! Holy cow it’s already been 6 weeks!!!

This week was a crammed! We taught lessons galore! Which was amazing! We tracted into a guy that had an interesting outlook on life and I wanted to share it with y’all.

image1-2016-10-04 This man didn’t have a faith, or faith in general. Which is RARE, especially in the Bible Belt! He proved the bible to be wrong and he went off on proving every religion to be false because it was made by man. His belief was that everything needed to be a fact in order for him to believe it. If you didn’t have evidence than its not something worth looking in to.

Now this man was like a human Google search, he would throw random facts at you like nobody’s business! We talked about several things from religion, to politics, to space, to otters holding hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.

image2-2016-10-04We told him we would come back a few days later to continue to talk to him. As we were leaving Elder Delas Alas said there is no way we can prove to him this is true. But I told him that every person on this earth has something that makes them tick, something that fuels what they believe and they believe it, they have a source. Like a clock has batteries, you just have to find where it’s at and the point that helps them understand.

The next morning we were having personal study and I was pondering on what to share with someone that doesn’t have faith they just have facts. Then the answer hit me in the face. Everything in life comes down to faith. Think about it, What is a fact? Something that can’t be proven wrong, right? Facts are made by man, at one point or another they were a made up idea that someone decided to test out and try to prove right and give evidence for. It’s someone else’s IDEA.

image3-2016-10-04Someone can give you all the evidence in the world to prove to you that something is right but if you personally don’t have the desire or you have a closed heart and mind then it won’t matter how much evidence they give you because you won’t believe them. It all comes down to you personally if you want to have faith and believe them.

Now what is faith? Things that are not seen but are true. I asked the man if he personally saw all the facts that he knows? Or has discovered them for himself? He said no. So I told him, he is choosing to have faith that the people he got the facts from gave him the right information.

They could have had false evidence and he chose to believe it. I asked him to prove to me the sky is blue. For all I know, his blue could be my green. How do you know the sky is blue? Because someone once told you the sky is blue and that’s what blue was so you chose to have faith that they weren’t lying to you and misleading you.

image4-2016-10-05See people can provide all the evidence they want but until we personally come to know and believe it for ourselves, then that evidence isn’t going to do anything for them.

The same thing is going on here, we are giving people more facts. But if they don’t have the desire or the want to know if they are true for themselves and look into them more and discover if it’s true FOR THEMSELVES then it won’t matter how much evidence we give them, it won’t change their minds. BUT if we sincerely do act on the things we are invited to do to come to know if it’s true then I can promise you that you will find out.

I testified to him that if he did act upon every invitation we gave him then he wouldn’t be able to deny the feelings he’ll have. And that I can testify of that personally. That when I have acted upon invitations like reading the Book of Mormon, attending church, praying to know if these things are true, I came to know that they WERE true for myself, I cant deny the feelings of the spirit.

It has personally blessed my life and as a representative of Jesus Christ I can surely testify that it will bless yours as well.

I hope y’all have a great week and stay safe! I miss you so much!


Elder Summers

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