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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 20, 2016 | 0 comments

The time has come, we received our transfer call last night and I will be staying in Flowery Branch!!  Which is awesome! I love this area so much! Now for my companion, he unfortunately will not be. Elder Delas Alas will be transferred to Sugar Hill to be companions with Elder Holt! My MTC ( Missionary Training Center) companion!

image1-2016-10-12So because elder Delas Alas is leaving, my new companion will be Elder Molton who was also trained by Elder Klingler before Elder Klingler became my companion. Elder Molton and I went on exchanges in Jasper before so I know him pretty well! I’ll be his greenie breaker! A greenie breaker is your companion after you get done training, their job is to break you of your old habits from back home and get you adjusted into missionary life. So it’s a fun little responsibility I have!

image2-2016-10-13Now on top of that I am the District Leader!!! Which is super sweet! I’m finally moving up in the mission world! Other than the transfer craziness, this week was pretty good! We had an exchange! I went over to Hamilton mill with Elder Medina which was a blast. We decided to try mountain bike contacting. Which was as a little different than regular door to door contacting.

image5-2016-10-13The awesome thing about Georgia is that there are trees EVERYWHERE! So because there are trees, there are mountain biking trails in the middle of town. Basically we rode down the trail and when we saw people jogging we would hand them a card as we rode past and they would try to grab it which was hilarious! Or we would try to get them to stop which never worked.

But it was a legit experience and it made me love mountain biking even more!

image4-2016-10-13Not to much has happened is week, we had a crazy experience with someone who use to be investigating the church. We invited him to come have a scripture study and play basketball with us one night and when we went to go pick him up he asked if we can pick up two more people. Turns out the two people were his cousins and after the scripture study they were interested In learning more about the church! Which was amazing!

Then Sunday night we tracted into a family who both had parents who were members of the church and said they grew up having missionaries over but ever since image3-2016-10-13they moved to their new house they haven’t had missionaries knock on their door and they have been living there for a year!  They asked if they can feed us dinner tonight so hopefully all goes well!

But other than that there wasn’t much excitement it was a pretty stressful week with transfers coming up but now that we know what’s going on everything is settling down a bit! I hope y’all have a great week and are getting ready for Halloween!

Have a wonderful week! I love you tons!


Elder Summers

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