Stressed Out

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 27, 2016 | 0 comments

Not going to lie this week was stressful, being the beginning of a new transfer and being in a position I wasn’t quite use to I’ve learned to really rely on the spirit for guidance. I keep reminding myself that the Lord magnifies those He calls.

image1The first few days of the transfer were a little rough just because there was so much to do and very little time to do it. Between leading out an area, greenie breaking, and being a district leader, things have started to slow down a bit. You’d think things would go by fast but in all honesty this week went by super slow. But I love every bit of it!

I’ve started to see a whole other side to missionary work and it’s kept me busy! Elder Moulton and I get along pretty well! We have seen a lot of success this week. We taught an investigator that we have been teaching for quite some time now and when we talked about temples and being sealed for all of eternity it opened her eyes to things she hadn’t really thought about and she now wants to be baptized!

As of right now we have 4 people on date to be baptized… But as the dates get closer people get more and more scared or something comes up to where we have to push it back which is super frustrating! BUT it’s in the Lord’s timing and when they need to be ready they will be ready(:

image2We had a pretty interesting week though! So my back brakes blew out 3 days ago and the closest bike shop is in Duluth (21 miles away)… 3 days without back brakes in Flowery Branch is a horrible thing because it’s the 2nd hilliest area in the mission. Now I found out that everyone is willing to take a look at your bike to help you but once you tell them you have disc brakes NO ONE wants anything to do with it because they have no idea how to fix it haha.

I took it upon myself to take it apart to figure out what was wrong with it and let me be the first to say, that was the biggest mistake… Not only did I not figure out what was wrong with it, but It also took me 2 hours to figure out how to put it back together! Now to top it all off I found out why all of it happened.

That morning I had made the mistake of studying patience…. NEVER study patience…. Worst mistake ever.

But in the end we ended up driving to Duluth today and getting it fixed and tuned up so I’m all fixed and ready to roll(:

This week was mainly just mainly a learning experience. I did learn one thing though, that OCTOBER IS ALMOST OVER!!! That is crazy!!! I looked at the calendar and freaked out!!!

The leaves are starting to change colors, fun fact: the leaves on trees turn their original color when they fall the green is from the chlorophyll. That’s legit! You just learned something new!  The weather here is starting to drop and it’s feeling more like fall now which is super nice! Especially when you have to bike!

Well I don’t have to much to talk about, I hope y’all have a great week! Stay spooky!(:


Elder Summers

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