Scary Miracles!

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ITS HALLOWEEN!!! YES! I love Halloween! The trees here are so beautiful! It’s like a 2 year olds coloring book here because there are so many different colors with the leaves changing! This week was sweet! No pun intended because we got a lot of candy but it was sweet because we had a really awesome miracles!

image6First off, last Monday night I was still having some pain in my elbow from when I flipped my bike 4 weeks ago so I decided to get a priesthood blessing. I kept pushing it off hoping it would heal on its own but I realized I can’t do this alone. I had the feeling I needed to get a blessing from a recent convert in our ward that lives down the street from us, brother Leo. It was his first blessing he’s ever given and it was amazing! Once he finished the blessing I started to get a tingling feeling in my elbow and the pain that I had when I flipped my bike started to come back… That was the reverse affect I was expecting.

Two days later I decided to call a member in our ward, Brother Decook, who is the number one orthopedic surgeon in the world, he asked me to come in and get X-Rays. When I went in and got X-rays he walked in and told me that it was broken!!! I laughed because he asked what I’ve been doing in these past 4 weeks and I told him we helped people move furniture up and down stairs, yard work, and just the everyday normal missionary work haha.

So I guess it was all with a broken elbow! He told me it was to far along that I can’t put it in a cast or really do anything for it except stretch it out everyday! Also he said stay off the bikes for 2-3 weeks soooo we pulled some strings and we are now a car area(:

image4Now the day before I found out it was broken we had an awesome miracle! After dinner we were dropped off at our house, Elder Moulton and I couldn’t think of anything to do so we did what we knew best, we knelt down and prayed to ask for guidance. When we concluded the prayer, neither of us felt we needed to visit a specific family or tract a specific area. We didn’t know what we needed to do. We sat pondering for about 5 minutes till we both just said, we aren’t going to accomplish something just sitting here, the Lord can’t guide a bullet that hasn’t been fired.

So we went out tracting by the spirit, riding until we felt we needed to stop. We got to a neighborhood neither of us had been to. We talked to a guy that wasn’t interested and he turned us away so we rode up the street. It was pitch black and there were trees all around us, all you could see was the stars shining and our headlights to our bikes shining on the windy road ahead. We stood there pondering on what the Lord needed us to do, we asked each other, “what is the Lord trying to teach us?”

I jokingly said patience because that is what we were both working on. I said, there has to be something! D&C 4 says ” behold the field is white already to harvest.” Elder Moulton continued saying “and Lo he that thrusteth in his sickle with his might” and we switched off saying lines until we finished quoting D&C 4. I jokingly said “maybe this is just bonding time.”

We decided to keep going, I was curious to what was around the corner so we rode up the road. We stopped at a house that Elder Moulton decided we should stop at. We didn’t feel the Lord saying not to but we also didn’t feel him saying yes. When we knocked the house a man opened the door. Let me tell you, he was one of those people you look at and just think “what ward are you in? Because you seriously look like you’re a member already” he was in the middle of dinner and we set up an appointment to come back the next day.

image2Elder Moulton and I both felt that was the person we needed to see. That was who were were guided to meet at this time. But when we looked at the time we still had 30 minutes left. We decided to start heading back to the main road. When we stopped to decide which way to turn Elder Moulton said we should talk to the guy across the street. I thought he saw someone sitting on a porch but  when I looked harder there was a man walking. I agreed but I didn’t want to approach him from the back because some people get scared when you do that, so we rode up the road then crossed the street to talk to him.

When we pulled up Elder Moulton asked if we can talk to him, he said sure! His name was Kenya. Elder Moulton told Kenya that he felt like he needed to tell him he loves him. Kenya looked at him and said “thank you, I really needed that.” We talked with him for a little bit and got to know each other better. We talked about where we were from and the weather there and things like that. Then we began to tell him what we do as missionaries. Kenya told us he was looking into being a firefighter….

image3I took two years of fire science and was looking into it as well. I was able to relate to him and talk about why he wanted to be a firefighter. His reasons were wonderful, he always looked up to them and respected them but he also loves serving people and helping them. As we talked I was able to share my testimony on the plan of salvation because my best friend Ridge, who passed away of leukemia, was going into firefighting. I shared with him the comfort I felt knowing we having such a loving Heavenly Father who created this wonderful plan for us.

Elder Moulton discussed the plan of salvation more then invited him to be baptized. Kenya said he was already baptized so we shared the restoration with him to explain a little more. The craziest thing happened when we did this.. So need I remind you, we are having this whole conversation on a sidewalk next to a highway so semi trucks and cars are zipping past us and it’s hard to hear.

Now when it came time to share the first vision, once Elder Moulton started not a single car passed on both ways of the highway. It was dead quiet and you could feel the spirit so strongly, then once he finished the first vision, all the cars started passing again and it was noisy…

We finished teaching then asked if we can stop by again to talk to him more about it. Unfortunately he doesn’t live on his own and doesn’t want to invite people to a house that isn’t his, so we respected that and just got his phone number to get in touch. It was a wonderful miracle. When Elder Moulton and I got back to the apartment we reflected on what just happened.

image5Now I’m going to point somethings out that you might not have caught. When we didn’t feel we needed to be somewhere Heavenly Father was having us just wait because he was setting us up to be able to find Kenya. Every time we stopped to think it was buying us more time to make sure we were where the Lord needed us to be. Even though we were joking about the Lord teaching us patience he truly was.

From the second we wake up the Lord is setting us up to meet the people we need to meet. Elder Moulton and I talked about how even though if he doesn’t accept the message now, at least we just planted a seed. When he said that something came to mind.

Now I want to share another side of the story that will blow your mind even further. I received a letter today from my sister Mallorie, now for some reason every letter she writes me something that pertains to the letter happens to me that week. This is what she wrote:

I was reading in Mosiah 18 tonight. It talks about Alma becoming converted from Abinadis words and how he basically starts a church and gets others to believe. It made me think of missionary work and planting seeds. We may never know the outcome of our words or deeds. Abinadi did what was commanded of him and because he followed the commandments, his words converted Alma. Abinadi never saw that. He died before he saw the impact he had on Alma. Alma then preaches to others and he ends up converting 450 people to the words of Abinadi. Abinadi knew he fulfilled the Lords commandments but he never got to see the end result that because he kept the commandments, so many were brought unto Christ. More than 450, Alma continues preaching and more follow. You never know the impact your service and commitment to keeping the commandments will have on someone. Planting simple seeds now may eventually bring thousands unto Christ. That was just a thought I had tonight as I studied the scriptures that I felt I needed to share with you.

Well that thought she had was the Spirit, because I read that letter when we got back and it fit perfectly with what had just happened. She left a scripture at the end of the letter it was Alma 26:27 which reads:

image1-2016-10-27Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.

And once again, that scripture matched perfectly with what happened. We were upset because we felt we weren’t being guided to where we needed to be, and we were about to give up and go back home but we saw Kenya. As we were patient the Lord blessed us with success and we were able to plant a seed in Kenyas life, and it testified to us to how amazing Heavenly Father’s plan for us is.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Halloween and week! Stay safe and don’t forget, God loves you(:


Elder Summers

Here are a few pictures from this week! If you look carefully you can see a man on a lawn mower in the back of a landscaping truck, if you look closer you can see the car in front of us is a cop. (:

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