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This week was a zoo! Literally we dealt with everything from puppies, to miniature pot belly pigs, to copper head snakes! Which by the way, I’m now convinced I want a miniature pot belly pig before I ever get a dog… Sorry mom. But they are adorable! I love them!!! 

img_0095Also! I hate daylight savings time.. Found that out the hard way this week😑 I woke up freaking out cause I thought we we going to be late for church, well turns out people believe in changing their clocks, I surely didn’t. Long story short we are now 2 hours apart instead of 3…

This week was pretty sweet! We had Halloween last Monday which wasn’t too bad, it was filled with planning and a little stress relief. We had some eggs in our fridge that had expired so we decided to LITERALLY throw them out… we wrote the things we were stressing over onto the eggs with sharpie and dipped them in glow sticks we had broken open and decided to toss them into the woods behind our house, now if that’s allowed I’m not sure… But it was well needed! So that will be our little secret(: 

img_0094We had a member call us telling us they needed our help cause they had a snake in their basement! We left an appointment early to rescue them! Sadly their neighbor killed it before we got there and a hawk took it before I had a chance to find it for dinner that night:/ it’s still on my list to try! 

Now as far as the dogs go… Everyone in Georgia has a dog and when we opened our car door we got attacked by puppies! And to explain the pig… Our investigator bought a miniature pot belly pig and it’s the cutest thing ever! I nearly died when I saw him! He has started to bark like a dog(: I’m in love!

This week we also had an exchange with the Hamilton mill Elders which was fun! We took a little photo shoot for fun. After the exchange we had a miracle happen! When we were driving back from Hamilton mill, instead of going tracting to the house and dropping Elder Moulton’s stuff off I felt we needed to visit someone we tracted earlier that week. 

img_0098.jpgEvery time we tried seeing this person we would always catch her at the wrong time, she was always just about to leave for work. When we went there her step brother answered the door. We talked for a bit and found out his extended family was Mormon but they never told him about it, so we asked if he had a few minutes and he invited us in! We got to share the restoration with him and he loved it!

He wanted to read the Book of Mormon and asked how much a book was, luckily for him… THEY ARE FREE! So we gave him a book and he said he would read it! The guy’s name was Chris and he’s super awesome! Unfortunately he works a lot of hours so it’s hard to visit him but we have faith things are going to work out! 
img_0097Now as the week went on, we decided to do random acts of service for people instead of tracting. Since it’s fall tons of leafs are all over the place! We barrowed some rakes from a member and set out to rake some leafs up for people. I honestly really like it haha, service is amazing!

On Sunday we had quite a few miracles happen! We went and saw Sister Reynolds, one of our investigators whose husband is a less active member. She was previously on date to be baptized but her husband didn’t want her to be…. A little frustrating and an interesting situation ha trust me, this is just a glimpse of missionary work. 

But we got her to commit to baptism the first time because we helped her have an eternal perspective and told her she can be sealed to her husband for eternity and she loved that! So when we went over to talk with them on Sunday she told us her friend’s sister called her out of the blue and was talking to her and they got on the subject of eternal marriage and being sealed. 

img_0096.jpgWe had no idea she had a friend that was a member of the church! Her friend told Sister Reynolds that being sealed together is such a wonderful thing and she was really encouraging to Sister Reynolds. Long story short, by the end of the lesson Sister Reynolds committed to being baptized on November 26! And her husband is supporting her! It was amazing!! 

Then later that night we went and saw Hadrian and Logan, we taught them about temples as well as having an eternal perspective, they committed to being baptized on December 10! It is amazing to see Heavenly Father’s work progress and seeing the happiness it brings people! 

I’ve learned this week to have an eternal perspective because if we focus on just now and not looking ahead then we often miss God’s purpose for us. This life is just a speck compared to the eternal plan God has for us.

I hope y’all have a great week and remember God is great(: 

I love you! And miss you tons!


Elder Summers

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