God, Gangs, and Guns

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 17, 2016 | 1 comment

This week was a thrill! We had the opportunity to attend the temple on Wednesday and that was an adventure in itself… We got lost on the way down. But after about 10 minutes we finally found it. Downtown Atlanta is crazy, I’m so glad I’m serving in the countryside of Georgia rather than the city!

image2-1-2016-11-09The temple was amazing, it was so peaceful and I miss having the opportunity to go more frequently but I’ve learned to appreciate it more now! After the temple we took a little photo shoot for giggles then had interviews with our mission president. In the interview we decided it would be best to have the sister missionaries teach Sister Reynolds instead of us. Which is a bummer but we think it will really help her. So we won’t be teaching her anymore :/

After going to the temple this week we have seen an outbreak of miracles! One of our investigators named Dusty, which Elders Moulton and Nielsen found her when we were on an exchange is now on date to be baptized on December 10! Which was amazing! She’s so awesome!

We got onto a topic of charity and helping people and I had a scripture come to mind but I couldn’t remember where it was, I said a prayer in my head to help me find it and I opened the scriptures. When I looked down, it was opened to the exact scripture I was looking for! I tried containing myself from just freaking out on this ladies porch because of what just happened but all I could do was just smile and testify to her.

image2-1-2016-11-09I see miracles like this happen everyday and I can’t deny the testimony I have of gods hand in this work and in my life! Later this week we went over to the Brazeals house, and it was so amazing! As we shared the message we had with them we got talking about a lot of the doctrine and our beliefs. By the end of the lesson Angel said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon and she is now trying to finish it before I do! She’s probably the first person on my mission to actually sit down and read the Book of Mormon with a determination to finish it. They are such a wonderful family!

They fed us Saturday night… We had a low country boil!! They cooked crab, crawfish, shrimp, corn, and sausage then dumped it on the table(: good ole southern style eating! It was my first time eating crab, like actually cracking open the legs and things… It’s amazing! I hated seafood but I’ve honestly learned to love it! Tonight we are going over to their house again for family home evening! There is so many wonderful things in store for this family!

Now… For the story that takes the cake for the week. We were visiting Dusty’s neighbor Jeremy (who we also teach). Now a side note, this isn’t a regular neighborhood. It’s in a trailer park called Trailwood acres, but Dusty calls it Trapwood acres, like this place is super ghetto.

image6-2016-11-09As we were talking with Jeremy a car pulls up with two guys in it and they were asking Jeremy if they can park at his house. Jeremy said no it wasn’t his house it was his brothers. He told them to park somewhere off to the side. Well the car drove down the road a bit and parked. We sat there for about 10-15 minutes just watching what was going to happen. From what we were told, one of the guys in the car was trying to go and “sleep” with a girl while her boyfriend was a work.. We wanted to wait to see if the boyfriend would come home but it was taking to long. The other friend in the car was the get away driver and he drove up the street.

Well after waiting for a little bit and witnessing all this go down Elder Moulton and I decided to go knock on the trailer that the guy just went in to so we can teach them a law of chastity. When we walked down to knock on the door, before we could even get to the door someone came outside and asked what we wanted. We talked for a little bit then the person left inside. So we left. We realized the front and back door were both open in case the boyfriend came home the guy could run and they had a friend on lookout who was the person we talked to.

image2-2016-11-12Now for the experience we had yesterday afternoon… We had gone to visit Dusty,  we pulled up to her house and were about to get out but we decided to go over what we were going to teach before we went in. A taxi pulled into the trailer next to us and a guy was unloading groceries. Then walking up the hill I saw about 2 guys and a girl with black shirts and black hats on. They were walking kind of towards our car. We made sure the doors were locked but we cracked the window to hear what they were saying. We saw a guy in a white shirt smoking walk up the hill behind them and another guy in a black shirt walking up with the guy in the white shirt.

We could tell there was a heated argument going on. The 2 guys in black shirts that were walking up with the girl were the two guys in the car that I just told you about. We pieced it together that the guy that was walking with the guy in the white shirt was the boyfriend… Well the get away driver decided to get into the taxi. Some words were exchanged and the get away driver that got in the taxi got out and flashed a gun toward the boyfriend. It was about to go down!

image4-2016-11-09We thought we were going to watch someone get murdered..  But the guy with the gun looked around and saw us sitting in the car, he put his shirt down and they all got in the taxi and they drove off.

By us being there we saved someone’s life. We think the guy might have thought we were cops haha. Just goes to show the lords puts you in the right place at the right time! I didn’t realize how sketch this neighborhood really was until I typed this out…

if I wasn’t a missionary there is no way I would go here but the fact that we felt prompted to visit this neighborhood and that there is someone who is now preparing to be baptized shows that the lord protects his servants. I hope y’all have a great week! Stay awesome and enjoy life!


Elder Summers

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Trina, how you holding up?! Wow, what experiences he is having. Good ol’ Atlanta.

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