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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 24, 2016 | 0 comments

This email will be pretty short, Not much has happened this week. It’s been an eventful time, we’ve had car troubles all week. We needed an oil change but come to find out there was like a million things wrong with our car when we took it in! So we had to leave it over night and were without a car for a day. Luckily people gave us rides and helped us out!

image1-2016-11-21I don’t really have any cool stories to share this week, it was all pretty relaxing and nothing much happened. We have been teaching more atheists recently which has been interesting! It makes me stop and think of things in a different way. I’ve found out here that we teach two types of people, type one – people who believe in Jesus Christ and only believe in the bible and don’t need anything else and are super strong in their faith, AKA Bible Bashers. and type two – atheists. There is no in between. But hey, it makes for a good little chat.

I did have a neat experience; we had our zone conference on Tuesday and we talked about making a deal with the Lord. Now that may sound weird but after this week I have a testimony of it. We may not be able to control circumstances or the agency of others but we can control our agency and what we choose to do.

So this is how it works, you ask Heavenly Father for help on something, then you place your end of the deal down and say you’ll do something for it or make a sacrifice (give something up or do something you normally wouldn’t). So I had prayed asking Heavenly Father to help our investigator make the steps necessary for baptism and be more accepting, and in return I was going to workout in the mornings instead of laying on the floor. I had slacked off on working out since I got hurt.

The next morning I woke up and started to work out, (doing my part / sacrifice). Now that night I got a call from our zone leader asking if the mission president could come out with us to visit our investigator that we had planned to see (the one I had prayed about). I freaked out because 1) it’s the mission president and if I make a mistake in the lesson I felt like I would get sent home. 2) it was the answer to my prayer and he was going to help our investigator.

I heard that by the end of the lessons that our mission president goes on the person will either really want to be baptized or be too scared to talk to us again, depending how it goes.

Now unfortunately we never got to find out because our appointment canceled on us, but what I learned is that the Lord hears our prayers and sees our sacrifices and our desires and will help us.

Don’t be afraid to make a deal with the Lord (:

I hope y’all have a great Thanksgiving and a good week!


Elder Summers

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