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Surprise! It’s a Tuesday P-day, I forgot to tell y’all… My bad! Transfers are tomorrow and so far I think It’s safe to say I’m staying here in Flowery Branch for another transfer! Fingers crossed though, I’ll let you know of anything changes by tonight.

image2-2016-11-21This week was LEGIT! Thanksgiving was definitely different  not being around family but I changed that fairly quickly! When we would visit families on Thanksgiving I would share what our family does as a Thanksgiving tradition and start our message out by doing exactly that, I would ask if we could go around the table and share what we are thankful for.

This was a bitter sweet moment because every time it got to me I realized how truly grateful I was for everything. In the past I appreciated things but after being out here it hit me how meaningful things were. I’ve grown a huge appreciation for family and everything they do, I’ve learned to recognize the amount of comfort the gospel can bring to a person life. And I’ve grown a love hate relationship for trials.

I couldn’t wait for my turn to share how grateful I was for these things and to be able to bare my personal testimony to people of how greatly we are loved by our Heavenly Father! I’m not gonna lie though, there wasn’t a family I couldn’t share this message with that didn’t bring me to tears.

image1-2016-11-21The Spirit was so strong in every home and I realized the power behind a testimony. I’m grateful for this opportunity I have in my life to serve such a loving Heavenly Father and to be able to be a messenger to his children and see miracles be brought to pass right before me.

I realized that it’s not just missionaries that have this wonderful privilege though, it’s every single person that can obtain the comfort of the Spirit and be a messenger for Him, we just need to seek it.

I have quite a few stories this week, one of which is kind of gross and I apologize in advance haha. So last Monday night Elder Moulton went out to go tracting, as we were driving I saw a car on the other side of the road with their hazards on and someone standing in the median of the road. Usually I would keep driving but I felt I needed to turn around and go see if they were okay.

When I pulled up I turned my hazards on and rolled down the window and asked if everything was okay, a lady was shaken up and she said that someone hit a buck and they are waiting for someone to help them drag it across the road. I looked down and saw this buck with its guts hanging out on the street.

image3-2016-11-25The guy told us he had to slit the throat because it was till alive and suffering. I asked if we could help and they said sure. I drove to the other side of the road and parked the car so we had a barrier so people wouldn’t hit us. I get out of the car and the guy sees I was in a white shirt, tie, and slacks. He told me he doesn’t want me to get dirty and he didn’t need our help. I insisted he let us help him and he said “alright, grab the legs.” So I picked up the legs and when traffic was clear we dragged the buck across the street leaving a blood trail behind us.

When we safely made it there we saw an ambulance pull up and turn their lights on then not long after that we heard sirens from a fire truck coming. The person that hit the buck was in the parking lot up the road and needed medical assistance. We don’t really know what all happened because we had to leave after moving the buck. But it was definitely a different experience!

Now what is a holiday if you can’t walk away with a story to tell(: Thursday night we decided to get together with the Hamilton Mill elders who live right next to THE MALL OF GEORGIA! Now let’s piece this together: 1. Thursday night 2. Mall 3. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS! Oh yeah, I’m a sucker for Black Friday!! I don’t know what it is but I get so hyped for Black Friday! It might be because I used to do public pranks on people in the past but hey I was just going to roll with it!

So the Hamilton mill Elders and us decided to get together and hand out FREE hot chocolate and a NEW #LIGHTtheWORLD pass along card to people as they were walking into the mall. This was the day before the release of the NEW #LIGHTtheWORLD video, so I was super hyped!

image4-2016-11-25As missionaries we were able to see it before the release and let me just say, if you haven’t seen it, YOU NEED TO! I’m obsessed with the video, I’ll be sitting there looking at something on the gospel library on my iPad and all the sudden freak out and say “NO WAY!” Elder Moulton would ask what? And I’d say “check out what I just found” and start playing the video, he is tired of the video now and it’s only been 4 days…

Now back to the mall story! People were first skeptical of the hot chocolate cause we would approach them with a cup so we decided to just yell at people and fill the cup up when they said yes. When people would say no I would freak out and mess with them a little and emphasize that IT WAS FREE!!! They would usually cave in and come get some cause they felt bad haha.

Well this went on till we ran out of cups… We went through about 102 cups and handed out about 200 pass along cards. We were trying to figure out what to do when our answer came in a white shirt, tie, and a Segway with a badge and told us we needed to leave. Apparently the mall doesn’t like you handing out free stuff to people:/

So being me I wasn’t going to leave this perfect opportunity to talk to people so we just put the Gatorade coolers of hot chocolate in the car and went back this time we were walking around the mall talking to people standing in line(: no mall cops going to put a stop this this work!

I hope y’all have a great week!! If you haven’t seen the new #LIGHTtheWorld video, please watch it! It’s so wonderful! Share with people! And when the advent calendar starts I would encourage you to take the time to participate in it! I can promise you you’ll draw closer to God as you do so! I love y’all so much!


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