Tis the Season!

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Dec 8, 2016 | 0 comments

ITS DECEMBER!!!! I’m so pumped for Christmas season!!! People are setting up Christmas lights, the whether is dropping (that one I can do without) and the egg nog comes out! And we can’t forget about the Christmas parties!

This last week we combined with the Hamilton mill elders for their Ward Christmas party and we were actually in it… It was pretty sweet!

This week was pretty exciting! We had a tornado warning on Wednesday which was a little different. We were in the middle of teaching someone and all the sudden sirens start going off. Well to me I thought it was an ambulance sirens cause I’ve never heard a tornado siren before and I never saw them around the city! But little did I know that tornados aren’t a seasonal thing…

So about 5 minutes later it starts down pouring like crazy!! We had a member take us home and on the ride home we got a text saying we were in a tornado warning! It was pretty legit to be honest, i was just happy we finally got rain longer than 5 minutes! I’ve started to learn to be careful for what I wish for…

It’s been raining so much now and it’s kind of annoying! On Sunday we had 6 of our investigators show up to church!! Which was super awesome!! Last night we went over to the Brazeal family’s house to watch the Christmas devotional with them! We ate dinner before and we decided to try something new.

Patrick was going to make a root beer float with strawberry ice cream, but I jokingly told him to use Mt. Dew. He ended up saying it was a great idea and decided to do it, I felt bad for him so I joined in. Turns out it’s not to bad!

This week was just an overall pretty good week! I’ve helped put up some Christmas lights which was always super fun! People don’t understand my excitement when it comes to Christmas.

We didn’t have to many crazy stories this week though! I hope y’all have a good week and be safe! I love you!


Elder Summers

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