Dreams Really Do Come True

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I now have a firm testimony that dreams really do come true. This week was filled with many miracles with the Brazeal family!

I’ll start off with what happened Monday, Monday night we had gone over to their house for family home evening then taught them the word of wisdom, they were first reluctant but after talking for a while they had committed to obey it.

We cleared out everything out of their house and promised them that the lord will bless them for committing to do this. The very next day we received a text from Angel telling us they received an almost $600 check in the mail from overpaid taxes on a car they bought in August! We were able to testify to them of how really the promises are that we make! It was insane!

Now it doesn’t stop there!!! Later that week we were able to see one of the craziest miracles I have ever seen!

On October 2, 2016 I had a dream about a car accident. In the dream me and white van collided and the white van rolled 3-4 times down a ditch and the white van laid on its roof. I got out of the car to see if everyone was okay, someone had died.

Suddenly a man appeared behind me and walked around the van. He was dressed in all white and glowing. He handed me a piece of paper and I put it in my pocket, then a broom stick suddenly appeared in my hand.

The man told me I needed to find his family and get them to the temple because he is ready to accept the gospel. Next thing I knew I was in a house telling my mom about the accident and the broomstick, she told me that things like this don’t happen.

She walked over and pulled out a binder full of papers. Then suddenly the book flipped on its own to the back and there was a folded up paper. I opened it and on it were a bunch of numbers, one of which was the number 80 which stuck out to me a lot.

When I woke up I remembered the dream so I wrote it down, but as I wrote, the name Josh kept coming to mind. That was all the story was, until Thursday. The pieces of the puzzle are now put together.

We had gone over to visit Angel because she wanted to talk about Patrick. Upon talking to her we brought up a previous car accident that happened in their family. We were curious to see if it was the person that appeared to me in the dream.

We asked what color car and the accident and things then Angel asked why we were asking the questions. We told her about the dream I had than she began to think. She said, “my brothers name is Josh” and when she said that I kind of thought about it then I looked at the car she was sitting in.

(We were outside in the car port and she was sitting in her white van  with the door open) my jaw dropped and I had the impression that it was Angel. As we were talking about the car Angel freaked out and said “OH MY GOSH! I WAS IN A CAR ACCIDENT WHEN I WAS LITTLE!”

She began to tell us the story. She said: “I was 5 years old and there were 8 of us in this white van and it was dark out, and I remember the little boy sitting next to me saying ‘I’m going to unbuckle your seat belt!’

And I remember saying, “if you unbuckle my seat belt I’m going to kick you! And I remember him vividly unbuckling my seat belt then i don’t remember anything else until I woke up in a ditch because I was knocked out and there were lights everywhere from fire trucks and ambulances and I got pulled out of the car and a lady wrapped me in a warm blanket she had just pulled out of the dryer and to this day I still love being wrapped in a blanket fresh out of the dryer. But I was talking with the paramedic and she told me, “had you been in your seat belt you would not have been alive.”

I walked away from that whole accident with just a scratch on my pinky and my brother Josh walked away with just a scratch down his back. Everyone else in the car was life flighted out.

As we were talking about that it blew my mind, she asked where the accident was and I told her that it was by trees and the cars rolled down a ditch, she asked “was the car on the roof?” I said yes! She asked “was the front hood pointing down at an angle?” I said yes!

Then as we continued to talk she was trying to figure out what the broomstick meant, we asked her when the accident happened  and she said she was in kindergarten and it was on Halloween night in 1997… Everything was piecing together.

Angel said they had an article on the accident and it made the front page of the newspaper and she said she was going to find it. She ended up calling her grandma who keeps a binder of a scrapbook from her grand kids with everything in it from their childhood.

Angel said the newspaper would probably be in there. As we were sitting there waiting for a response it struck me that the binder my mom and I were looking through in my dream was the binder her grandma had!

Now unfortunately we had to leave to our next appointment but later that night we went back to talk with Angel about this more. She started to explain that she had found some more things out.

So another part of the story is that Angel’s great grandfather had died in a car accident as well. Now when Angel was doing her research she found out that when her great grandfather passed away he was 61, but around the time of the accident he would have been about 80 years old had he been alive. And that solved the number 80 mystery in my dream.

She also pointed out to me that her and her brother (Josh) were the only two that didn’t need to be life flighted out which would explain why I kept thinking of the name Josh. We were talking about it and we think that Angel’s great grandfather was their guardian angel because the other boy that was in the back seat with Josh broke his back but Josh only walked away with just a scratch.

And as we brought that up I had the impression that that’s exactly what happened. I felt like the dream I had was of the accident in a third person POV and I could see the angels that were there protecting them.

So I believe that in my dream the person I saw was her great grandpa who protected them from the crash so that they could stay alive to meet me so that I could relay this message for him that he is now ready to accept the gospel.

The cool part about this was in the newspaper article it had a statement from someone in the accident and they said “he remembers several people helped at the accident but doesn’t remember any by name”

Angel said that she thought it was weird because there was only 1 EMT that helped pull them out at the scene. She said that to this day people say that he was surrounded by guardian angels on the scene.

Now the crazier part about this whole thing is that I had this dream on October 2, 2016 now we found Angel and Patrick on October 15, 2016, now Angel told us that on their anniversary on October 11, 2016, 4 days before we showed up, she had prayed to God for someone to help Patrick go back to church, she didn’t care which church it was she just wanted him to go back to church.

Now when we showed up on October 15, 2016 Patrick oddly enough opened the door and invited us in when he normally makes up excuses and runs them off. Then down the road, a few weeks ago Angel went to Kansas to visit family for two weeks and 2 days before she came home she prayed the same prayer the night of their anniversary asking God to help Patrick go to church.

Then on her drive home Patrick called her and said “I think I want to go to the Mormon church” and Angel said okay and told him to figure out when he was going to go and let us know.

The day she got back home he told her that they were going to go on Sunday. They are currently on track to being baptized on December 24, 2016 and we are very excited for the plan that Heavenly Father has for them!

The moral of the story is that dreams really do come true!

I hope y’all have a wonderful week and stays warm!!


Elder Summers

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