Did It For the Story

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Dec 22, 2016 | 0 comments

This past week was pretty average, I find that Monday nights are usually where I get all my stories. Last Monday night we visited the Brazeal family for family home evening. As the games and lesson came to a close we went into the kitchen so Angel could make a bottle for their baby. Patrick jokingly said that if I drank a little bit of baby formula he would be baptized. Then joke became real….

Patrick backed out and said he was kidding and we didn’t have to but we decided to go through with it for the story. Elder Moulton drank it like a champ but when it was my turn once it went into my mouth I gaged and threw up. Baby formula is now a running joke in their house.

As the week continued we were able to see the Lord work through us as we taught Patrick and Angel. Patrick’s life has been changing so much since we first started meeting with them. We saw a lot of answers to our prayers this week as we went out knocking on doors.

On Saturday night we had out ward Christmas party, we arrived early and went knocking on doors around the church. As we walked down the neighborhood we saw a moving truck and saw it as a perfect opportunity to help someone move in. As we got closer we realized it was a utility truck dropping off a stove.

We decided to knock the house across the street from them. When the lady answered we were able to show her the new light the world video, by the end we asked her how she felt her faith in Jesus Christ was, before she could respond the Spirit filled the porch and we instantly knew the Lord sent us there for her. We comforted her by telling her that the message we share could help change her life around and bring her the comfort she is seeking. We set up a day to come back.

As we were walking to the next house the appliance guy in the utility truck started to talk to us. The Lord is always placing us in the path of someone who needs help, it’s just a matter of recognizing it and acting upon the promptings.

I’m super excited for Christmas! I hope everyone has a great week and stays safe!

I love you so much!


Elder Summers


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