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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jan 5, 2017 | 0 comments

Happy new year!! It’s crazy it’s already 2017! I’m super excited for what is in store! New Year’s Eve was a blast! Literally… We went over to Patrick and Angels and Patrick’s younger brother bought a ton a fireworks so we watched them light them off.

They don’t mess around out here when it comes to fireworks that’s for sure! It was pouring rain and people were still lighting off fireworks! And not just little ones, they would light off mortars! It was crazy!

I found out that Georgia does the same thing as New York, they have a ball drop except in Georgia they have a PEACH DROP!!  It sounds legit, we didn’t actually get to see I though which was sad. New Year’s Eve was just like a normal day for us though, holidays no longer exist.

This week was crazy, we had decided to stop teaching a lot of investigators which is always sad, Hadrian and Logan were two of them which broke my heart cause I really wanted to see them progress. But the Lord definitely blessed us for it, because we have stopped teaching a lot of people we have been finding a lot more and seeing the lord place is exactly where we need to be.

We were following up with some former investigators and decided to knock doors around the area, it wasn’t very successful until we were about to leave. We knocked on one more door and a man opened up and started talking to us.

He told us his wife is actually a member of our church but doesn’t attend anymore but her younger brother was getting ready to go on a mission. After talking for a little bit his wife came home and they let us in to share a message with them. It was amazing we found them!

But all week we were having experiences like this. Coming up on Saturday Angel and Patrick Brazeal are getting baptized, these past two weeks have been really rough for them. Every time someone accepts a baptismal date the closer it gets the harder Satan works against them to prevent it from happening.

They are all getting sick, they just got another foster kid to take care of, and Angel has been in the hospital for the past 5 days with their youngest foster baby who is having medical trials. All week they have been getting trial after trial and are ready for it to end. But they are very excited for their baptism and coming closer to God!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you so much, take care!


Elder Summers

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