Raining Miracles

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jan 26, 2017 | 0 comments

On Monday night after preparation day we had called one of our investigators to see if we would be able to come by and visit them, to our surprise her husband answered the phone and told us his wife wasn’t available, but asked if we could leave a message, we told him we wanted to stop by and talk about the gospel and he told us he rather have us not come by anymore, we respected that and told him bye. Almost immediately after we hung up we got a text from Patrick asking if we could come by, he told us his younger brother Payton wanted to talk with us.

We went straight over to Patrick’s house. Payton met with us before Patrick was baptized but he didn’t have an interest in learning about the gospel so we were pretty surprised he wanted to talk again. We sat down to start teaching him where the Book of Mormon came from and the restoration but before we could say anything Patrick began baring his testimony to Payton and telling him how much the gospel has blessed his life and his family, Patrick bore testimony of his experience with overcoming the word of wisdom and the blessing that came from living it.

Right after Patrick did that Payton expressed he had struggles with the word of wisdom and wanted help. We taught him what the word of wisdom was and told him we will be there every step of the way to help. We then raided his house and took all of his temptations away, it was amazing! And also so wonderful to see how Patrick constantly looks for opportunities to share the gospel even with his family, their testimonies are growing so much!

We got Angel and Patrick started on family history and they love finding their ancestors! They are going to try and go to the temple soon to do baptisms for their ancestors!!

The week doesn’t stop there though! About a week ago we followed up on someone who requested a bible a while back, and to our surprise it was a four year old that requested it! Their dad had received a Book of Mormon from the first contact they had, so we followed up to see how things were going and if they were interested, they asked us to come back, so on Thursday we went and had a sit down lesson with their family, they had a lot of questions so we answered some then shared the restoration with them but once we finished the first vision Juan, the father, told us that it makes complete sense that God would call Joseph smith to be a prophet because God is the same yesterday today and forever…

This blew our minds that the restoration made sense to him the first time we shared it, usually we have to explain it and prove it to them about 3 times but he believed it immediately! Then they said they would come to church to check it out and they came!! They are a family of 6 and super awesome! We are hoping to continue to teach them!

Then Sunday night it was pouring rain and all of our plans fell through so we had no choice but to go tracting, there was no miracle from this but I had a blast knocking on doors in the rain haha, I love going out talking to people no matter the weather, it’s awesome!

Some fun things that happened is week:
1. I bent Klayten’s bike… (Angel and Patrick’s son) but then I fixed it
2. Went sledding in the rain…. Like a slip in slide but didn’t go very far, we were missing the most important part, a hill.
3. We sang gospel music at the assisted living👌🏻

I love all of you and hope you have a great week! Stay safe and healthy, take care!


Elder Summers

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