In God’s Eyes We Won

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 9, 2017 | 0 comments

First off we heard about how the Super Bowl ended last night and it wasn’t too pleasant. We tried going out knocking doors before the game started and people did not like conversations were short and not so sweet. It was a testimony to me that southern hospitality isn’t really a thing sometimes.

This whole week was pretty rough, we hung out with the Spanish missionaries ( Elder Hernandez and Nielson) as well as the missionaries in Hamilton Mill ( Elder Martinez and Byron). We went on exchanges which is a blast! Elder Hernandez and I had gotten into 3 bible bashes in one day. ( bible bashes are when people try to prove us wrong by using the bible and trying tell us we are an abomination) it’s fun to listen to the misconceptions people have of our church.

One lady legit starting yelling at us because we left our families and it says no where in the bible that we needed to leave our families. She got upset when we showed her that Jesus left his family… Then she tried telling us that in revelations it says we shouldn’t add or take away from the bible, but she was very disappointed when we told her revelations was actually written before a lot of the books in the bible and if she wanted to go with that statement then the bible is false to. She took it back then offered us holy water that went through 3 filters before it went to our cups, so it was “pure”.

To say the least it was a pretty interesting week. But I’d say we won all the bashes because we didn’t argue anything we tried clearing things up and when they wouldn’t listen we would end it. I’ve learned that arguing doesn’t get you anywhere and it drives the spirit away.

A few days later I went in an exchange with Elder Martinez in Hamilton Mill and this was a funny exchange. They live next to the mall of Georgia so we went to try contacting in there and found ourselves people watching.

There was a guy that walked out of the mall with headphones yelling his music, we couldn’t help but try to talk to him but it wasn’t happening, the guy was way to into his music.

We decided to go back into the food court and get some lunch when a man approached us and told us he was from Utah and use to meet with missionaries but stopped and now he is going through a really hard time. When we tried setting something up to come by and talk some more he told us he was moving back to the west coast.

As we talked he expressed to us his love for In n’ Out, yes, IN N’ OUT BURGER. The guy starting yelling at the top of his lungs “I MISS IN N OUT!” And starting crying on Elder Martinez’s shoulder when we were about to eat. I was trying so hard not to just laugh but the guy was dead serious.

We said a prayer with him and he left, but then he came back and gave us a hug and said thank you. I walked away learning that simply talking to people can turn their day around, and also people legit love In N’ Out so much they cry over it… I wish I had that amount of love.

Following that whole experience we had the opportunity to help a lady clear out her back yard and burn a bunch of things. This was actually a very humbling experience. This lady was very stressed out and had a lot to do and we showed up just in time to help.

It showed that God knows each of his children and who needs help.  I think the greatest feeling by far on my mission is when we are an answer to someone’s prayer. I love being led by the spirit and helping others feel god love, because he truly does love us and as we listing to promptings we can be living testimonies of that as we are led to what were God needs us.

I love y’all so much! I hope you have a wonderful week and a great start to February!


Elder Summers

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