Under the Weather

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 16, 2017 | 0 comments

Everything this week pretty much took a hit as far as the work goes, I had caught a cold on Tuesday and it progressively got worse as the week went on. But that doesn’t mean we let it stop us from working.

I learned a few things during this week:

  1. I need to have a serious talk with NyQuil because that stuff is disgusting, I legit want to throw up every time I take it.
  2. I no longer have a testimony of drinking a gallon of orange juice in 24 hours to wipe the cold out of your system, the only thing that did was make things worse.
  3. The lord will still use you whether you’re sick or not(:

On Tuesday we started to get some rain, which was just dandy because that’s the day I was getting sick. Our plans had kind of fallen through and we weren’t sure what we were going to do after dinner. We went home for our dinner hour and decided to sleep on it. When I had woken up I decided to pray and ask God where we needed to go to knock on doors.

As I looked at the map a neighborhood stuck out to me that we had previously knocked but never had the chance to finish knocking it. When our dinner hour was up we drove over to the neighborhood and scoped it out. It was raining so we didn’t want to walk and get soaked, so we decided to park and pray then drive slowly till we found a house we felt prompted to stop at.

When we found the one we both felt good about we parked in front of it and knocked it, unfortunately no one answered, but what we have found in the past is that when we park it’s usually by the house we need to be at, so we tried the house across the street from the one we felt we needed to knock. A man answered the door and talked with us for a little bit and we were able to get to know him pretty well, we shared the restoration with him and he believed it was true, he told us a week prior he prayed with his fiancé whom he was living with and told God he wanted to make better choices because he knew he wasn’t suppose to be living with his fiancé yet and he wanted to start doing more of Gods will and becoming a better person.

We told him we were an answer to his prayer and wanted to help him but the man declined our offer and ended the conversation. We could tell he wasn’t going to give us a chance, which was hard to accept but we knew it wasn’t his time yet. That definitely the hardest thing for me personally as a missionary, we share all these things with people and they turn it down and every time the thought just runs through my head “if only they knew. If only they knew the peace this could bring, or if only they knew the amount of love God has for them” it breaks my heart when people believe these things then turn it away because they aren’t willing to give it a shot.

Now as for this man, even though we weren’t able to teach him more, we were able to simply testify of God’s love for this him and show him that God hears and answers prayers.  He had told us that he recognized this was an answer to his prayer and that God is listening to him. Maybe that’s all he needed at the time, was a little seed to show that God is there for him.

I think we all need that sometimes, just a little tap on the shoulder every now an then. This coming up week is the last full week before transfers, and I have no idea what to expect anymore. I had a dream a few nights ago that I got transferred, but then last night I had one that I was staying another transfer in Flowery Branch with Elder Moulton so who knows!

The odds of me leaving are greater than me staying though. I’m coming up on 6 months in Flowery Branch…it’s crazy how fast time flies.

I hope y’all have a wonderful Valentines Day! I love y’all so much!


Elder Summers

We found this house with by far the most creativity I’ve seen! Here’s just a few things we took pictures of haha Chair made out of doors

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