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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 22, 2017 | 1 comment

I’ve found that no matter what WE want to do, God will always change it a bit to fit what HE needs us to do. We had both been sick all week long and struggling to have the motivation to go out and find people to teach, it’s hard trying to talk to someone when all you can do is say 2 words then cough up a lung, it gets very frustrating.

But Saturday night I realized that whether we physically go and knock doors or not, the Lord will place people in our path to teach. Elder Moulton and I ran to the store really quick to grab a few things so we can cook dinner for the Brazeals as a fun little date night for them.

The trip to the store was going to be brief, I knew where the items were that I needed we needed to do was grab them, the first item we grabbed with no problem, we were making good time. Then once I grabbed the second item and turned to make my way to the third item we needed, a man in an electric wheel chair stops Elder Moulton and asked what was in his hand.

Elder Moulton turns the Book of Mormon so he can read the titled and tells him it is a Book of Mormon. The man asked if he can ask us a few questions, I came back and stood by Elder Moulton and told the man of course! Thinking “sweet he wants to learn more about what we believe!”

Then the man says, can you turn to a verse in the bible for me. Immediately the attitude went from, “he wants to learn more!” To “crap he’s going to bash with us” what was meant to be a brief question and answer conversation turned into a 45 minute discussion on how we believe in a false Jesus and we are going to hell.

But I learned probably one of the biggest lessons on my mission from this man. He has been through a series of trials, he was now currently living his life as best as he could and told us he made a complete turn around and has come to realize the importance of this life. He wasn’t going to let his circumstances damper his attitude each day.

This man talked to us wish so much compassion and love and he was truly concerned with our salvation. When he would talk he had tears in his eyes and was very polite about everything, his intention wasn’t to bash and tear our religion apart, all he wanted to do was help us. And that’s what touched me the most, how powerful it can be to teach people with love and true concern.

Because of him I started to see the difference of teaching someone because I want to and teaching someone because God loves them. We never tried fighting back and proving this guy wrong, we simply listened to what he had to say and respected his concern. We never planned on going to the store to talk to this man, but the Lord had other plans for us, He needed us to learn something and teach someone.

It’s always when we least expect it that God will give us things to learn from.

My time in Flowery Branch has come to an end unfortunately, I love this area! I’ve spent 6 of the 8 months on my mission here and have truly grown a love for the people. I’ve seen this place grow so much, people have come and gone, lives had changed and miracles had happened right in front of me.

It has been a blessing to learn from and serve in Flowery Branch, it’s definitely one I’m coming back to visit! But until then, the Lord has called me to serve in the Fort Yargo Ward in the Athens stake.

I’m excited to move to the next chapter of my mission and see who the Lord needs me to meet. My new companion will be Elder Sanders!

Elder Moulton will be staying in Flowery Branch and he will be getting Elder Levitte as his new companion, they use to be companions for a week before Elder Moulton got emergency transferred in the beginning of his mission so he’s excited meet up with him again!

This week was filled with a lot of goodbyes because we kind of figured I was leaving because I’ve been here so long, it’s sad to leave people but it’s what the Lord needs.

I hope y’all have a wonderful week! Take care! Be safe!


Elder Summers

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  1. Hey elder summers
    Did you get my valentine card before you transferred?
    Hope you are feeling better
    Aunt KayeLynn

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