Building a Lego House

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Feb 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Alright so my first week in Fort Yargo has been great! I love this area, it’s a mix between Flowery Branch and Jasper honestly, it has the houses of Flowery Branch (pretty medium size, nothing huge, but you get an occasional mansion next to a few trailers) but then you have the people of Jasper, a little country, it’s great!

When I came into the area the first few days Elder Sanders and I came to the conclusion that the area was struggling pretty bad and we needed to fix that. After prayerfully considering a few things we came to the conclusion that we can’t do this work on our own and we need the members help.

So this past week consisted of stopping by and initiating what is called the “21 Day Challenge” now I don’t know if any of you have heard about this before but basically what it is, you come up with a list names of non-member or less active friends or someone you think would be interested in the gospel and over a period of 21 days you pray for those people by name every morning and evening and the promise is that by the end of those 21 days, someone on that list or maybe someone not on the list, will be interested in the gospel or want to baptized into the church.

It’s a really amazing thing to see, I’ve had this work on my mission twice so far and have a firm testimony that we will start to have more success here and the members will have more opportunities to share the gospel. Everything is going to have to be done line upon line, or Lego by Lego to rebuild it up.

Throughout the week we were knocking on doors and following up with people who were previously looking into the church, and we came across a man who shared a few personal experiences with us and really wanted us to come back to teach him. We will be doing just this week! Then last night before we where going to bike home we stopped by a ladies house.

Now I forgot to mention, part of our area is the projects. Which is sweet! So when we stopped by this ladies house it was in the projects and they let us in! Her three year old daughter comes up to us and yells, “Are y’all the police?!” We started playing and said no. She was probably the sassiest little 3 year old I’ve ever met but she was hilarious!

Now for the best part of Fort Yargo, Elder Rippstein is our district leader and we are in a car share with him and his companion so we have a car on week days then on the weekends we are on bike which isn’t to bad! We’ve seen some pretty interesting stuff biking! But we see each other a lot and it’s awesome!

This morning we all tried Flashbang together… That was hilarious! I’ll attach a video..but so far Fort Yargo is amazing!

I’m super excited to do some work here and get things moving and see what the lord has in store for us! Elder Sanders is awesome! The guy would do backflips for a hobby so I may have him teach me before we get split up!

I hope y’all have a wonderful week! My new address is 1481 Box Cir. Winder, GA 30680


Elder Summers

Also fun fact, I’m not sure if any of you remember when I taught Bubba in the MTC, the guy that has a Mormon message, well I guess the experience Elder Holt and I had teaching him when he yelled at us for 25 minutes ended up becoming a legendary story in the MTC and is still being told! Which is legit! We found out cause Elder Sanders and I were talking about the MTC and I told him about it and he freaked out and said “THAT WAS YOU!!!”

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