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I wanted to share with you probably the biggest things I’ve learned this week. There have been countless times where I’ve asked myself the question of, “why are we not having success?” This hasn’t just been on my mission, this has been for years, through sports, school, ect.

I’ve always wondered why I never come out with the results I’ve dreamed of having. Granted we all know that trials are a given in life, we have to face them, that’s how we learn. Now without trials we couldn’t progress, that’s why Heavenly Father gives them to us, but I’ve found that even when I really try and put my heart into it and I really endure to the end, I still fall short of my end result. And maybe that’s a flaw that I have of setting the bar to high, but I also think that maybe I’m seeing things with the wrong perspective.

I want you to ponder on the trials you’re facing in your life right now, are they trials that can be solved upon action or trials that can be solved with time? Either one, they both come down to one thing, and that is the attitude that you have. As a missionary it’s very easy to blame the area, the people, the time of year, etc. for not having success, but really none of those should make a difference. Even before my mission I could easily blame teammates, the weather, the teachers, you name it! But very seldom did I stop and consider that it may be me and my personal attitude.

I’ve found throughout my mission that “…the inward vessel shall be cleansed first, and then shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.” (Alma 60:23) meaning we first need to look upon ourselves and see what we can change before we start to complain about the circumstances around us. Elder M. Russell Ballard said, “become a CREATOR OF CIRCUMSTANCES instead of a creature of circumstances.”

This week started off with a few miracles, all because of a change in attitude towards the work. Ever since I’ve been in Fort Yargo i’ve been seeking ways to help Improve the area, at times it’s discouraging because the work is slow here, but I’ve kept a positive attitude and had the faith and hope that we will have success.

Monday night we went to visit someone who was potentially interested in hearing our message, we knocked on the door and her younger son answered and told us she wasn’t home but would be back shortly. We scheduled an appointment with her at 6:30 PM and we were there around 6:35pm, our next appointment was on the opposite side of town that was at minimum a 45 minute bike ride and it was at 8:00 PM meaning we had some time.

So we waited… And waited…. We called her and there was no answer, we texted her and there was no response. Time was running short, we couldn’t stand around any longer there were people who needed the gospel and we were wasting a perfect opportunity to knock doors.

It was about 6:50 PM when we decided to leave. We got down the street a ways and my heart was beating through my chest. At first I thought it’s cause I haven’t biked for a while and this was normal out of shape stuff, but I kept thinking we needed to go back to that neighborhood. I recognized it was a prompting from the Lord and told Elder Sanders we needed to go back because the Lord needs us there instead.

Knowing we were short on time we said a prayer when we got to the neighborhood asking for guidance to know where the house was that He needed us at. Upon biking up and down the streets I felt a prompting to stop at one.

Well it turns out it was the house of someone we are currently meeting with that I had no idea they lived there and had never met them. When we knocked on the door it was his cousin. (Well little did I know, that actually means friend…we were in the projects…) as we talked with this man he told us he was going through a hard time. We shared a scripture with him and he said he would be interesting in meeting with us.

Once we change the attitude we have towards whatever we are working on, then everything becomes possible. Success will come to those who are willing to put in the effort and have the attitude of success.

Throughout the week we’ve seen little miracles here and there, we’ve started to find new people to teach, and even set a date for two people to be baptized. The Lord’s work only progresses through those who are willing to be used as an instrument in His hands.

I would encourage each of you to evaluate the attitudes you have towards the things you’re doing in your everyday life and ask yourself, Am I doing all I can to achieve what the Lord needs me to do? Turning our hearts toward Him and desiring His will verses ours will change your life.

The Lord has a plan for each and everyone of his children, He wants what’s best for you because He loves you. Please take the time to ask Him how you can improve then listen for the answers He will give you.

We can all strengthen our faith, but the path to that strength is different for us all. Face the changes with an “attitude of gratitude” as President Monson says, because we should be grateful God is loving enough to let us grow, to test our faith, and to give us trials.

I hope y’all create a wonderful week and trust in God!

Things that happened this week:

  1. I rode a hover board. These things are legit.
  2. Cut my own hair for the first time, and most likely the last. It’s not as easy as I thought and I butchered it lol, the mission is about experimentation
  3. You know you’re in The Bible Belt when you see a billboard with “Jesus” on one side and “coming soon” on the other
  4. We had a fantastic fast Sunday eve, till the end when we had to bike 6 miles to see one person who never answered the door so we had to bike back. BUT on the bike back I found a license plate laying on the floor so I kept it. I wasn’t leaving a 12 mile bike ride empty handed.
  5. I found out I can rap.


Elder Summers

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