It’s a Blur

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Mar 14, 2017 | 0 comments

This week was just very odd, every time we would go out to knock on doors something would prevent us from going out.

There was a day we had set to basically knock doors all day but right as we got on our bikes we found that Elder Sanders’ bike tire was popped, 45 minutes before our appointment with someone. We tried repairing it but then the patches would break and we were at a loss. We eventually called a member to come out and take us to our appointment.

On Sunday night we had gone to a neighborhood to knock on doors, the first door we knocked on the person was super welcoming and let us in, it was a miracle! We sat and got to know each other for a while and were asking this lady questions. Well come to find out 20 minutes into the lesson we found out she was a active member… In our ward… And we had no idea.

Turns out she sat in front of us during sacrament meeting Sunday as well. Yeah it was very embarrassing.

After that whole deal we went to our next appointment but they weren’t home so we knocked a neighborhood down the street from them and knocked on two doors. The first one there was no response, but the second one a man answered. He told us all the crazy things he was going through in his life and where he was going to church.

He said he wasn’t able to make it on Sunday do to work. Well we eventually got to telling him why we were there, and he seemed to be really interested in hearing about the restoration. As we discussed it and talked about prayer, he asked how often we come around his neighborhood because he wanted us to stop by again.

We told he we go of inspiration from God and we were led to his door, it got quiet. He said, he had missed church today and a prayer meeting Sunday night and was praying he could here some of God’s word. The whole restoration made sense to him and he saw a prayer be answered.

We will be stopping by this week to share more with him but for now he said he is going to be praying about the message we shared.

I hope y’all have a great week, sorry the email is short, I hope everyone has a happy St. Patrick’s day!


Elder Summers

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