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On Thursday Elder Rippstein and I went on an exchange in Winder (his area) which was a blast, but also spiritually uplifting. We went over to a members house for dinner and throughout the whole thing the man would share stories of crazy things he did on his mission and the experiences he had but then he would relate them to us and helped us see our missions differently.

He told us that knocking doors is like tithing, the Lord would lead us to people He needs us to teach but He wants us to put in effort and test our diligence. Knocking doors gets discouraging and pointless sometimes but looking at it with that perspective showed me the importance of it.

Sunday night we had seen the blessings come from diligently knocking doors even if we aren’t having success. All week Elder Sanders and I would knock doors and people would reject us or show very little interest. It was frustrating us and nothing was coming from it.

We stopped teaching a lot of people because

  1. Lack of interest
  2. Not keeping commitments/ progressing
  3. Unable to contact anymore.

Our teaching pool was running slim but the Lord promises us that as we open our teaching pool He will fill it with those who are ready. Sunday night Elder Sanders and I stopped by the people we knocked into last week, the ones that were super open to hearing about the gospel and lived in the second door we knocked on.

We had a few mixed thoughts before going over to their house. We tried texting them but we got no reply so we went over anyways, as we were walking to the door we were trying to figure out what kind of anti they may have gotten. (Most people that don’t respond get anti information, a church member from their church or pastor may have found out we came by and told them things) so we were kind of skeptical of things.

But when we knocked on the door they let us right in and were excited to meet with us! We talked for a little bit on stuff like their last baptism and they showed us pictures which was super awesome! Then we went over the restoration again and talked about the Book of Mormon, they told us that message was powerful, the spirit filled the room and we invited them to be baptized and the lady started to cry because she felt the spirit so strongly, we set a date for April 15, 2017.

They saw the importance of the authority and were so willing to make this leap of faith in their life. I’ve never seen someone so prepared, they were simply just waiting for us to knock on the door so they could hear the message!

The date isn’t completely official because of work schedules but that’s the day we are shooting for! It was a blessing to have the Lord lead us to those who were ready because we diligently when out and continued to search even when we weren’t having success.

After meeting with Daijon and Bre, the two we knocked in to last week, we went and saw Antwain who was another person we had on date, when we sat down he told us he had been thinking a lot about what we talked about last week, (that’s key for they don’t want to meet with us anymore…) ( we put him in date to be baptized last week) well instead of him saying he doesn’t want to meet with us he asked us what he needs to do to prepare for his baptism!

He really wants to go through with it and is pretty much ready for it! We just need to finish teaching him a few things to refresh his memory, he use to meet with missionaries in the past. So Sunday night ended really well!!

Our teaching pool is still really small but we have the faith it will be filled soon.

I wanted to end my email with a scripture I came across the other day, it’s 1 Corinthians 10:13, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

Heavenly Father won’t give us things we can’t handle, He will give us the strength to overcome our trials and our temptations. I believe the most important part of that scripture is at the end when it says “that he may be able to bear it”

He won’t take our trials away but he will make it so we can handle them, He loves us, and He knows us, and I can testify of his plan for us that everything we face aren’t things to bring us down but they are things to help build us up and to grow closer to him.

I hope each of you have a wonderful week, I love y’all! Be safe and take care!


Elder Summers

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