Bert Day Week

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on May 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Heyo! This past week went pretty good! It was filled with a lot of moments, on the 25th I hit my 11th month mark which is crazy to think about how fast time is flying by!

During the day on the 25th we were biking back to our apartment for dinner and we saw a man walking down the street who had just come out of a gas station he had his hands full so we stopped and asked if he needed help, he told us not really cause his semi truck was parked just across the street but if we want we could help stop traffic for him to cross. I think he was joking when he said that but we took it as he was serious.

Once we turned our bike tires over the white line on the side of the road traffic on both ends stopped and we pulled into the middle of the road and the man crossed the street. It was legit that right when we turned our tires all the cars stopped, ask and he shall receive I guess! 

It has started to pick up with the heat here which is brutal, I’m not excited for summer, I already feel like I need a swim suit to ride a bike because it gets so hot.

Thursday was the day I turned 20 which was bitter sweet, bitter because I can’t use the excuse “I’m just a teenager” whenever I do something wrong lol, but sweet because I get to do things with my life and really start to explore what the world has to offer. We didn’t do to much for my birthday just a normal day, we did some service at the fort Yargo state park and then went knock doors.

Now the 28th on the other hand was a different story. We were biking to our dinner appointment which was about a 40 minute bike ride and we were on the shoulder of a busy road when my bike started to get really bouncy for some reason, well come to find out I ran over a staple and it popped my back tire… we were about 20 minutes from the appointment. We started calling members but no one was free to help, so we decided to walk.

As we were walking a member drove past and honked then a few minutes later we got a text from them asking if everything was okay. We explained what happened and she sent her husband over to help us out. Granted we didn’t pray after i got the flat but it was still a blessing!

We stopped at a little hick town “Lucky Lotto Pantry” gas station and waited for the member but as we were waiting we realized it was probably God telling us we needed to talk to someone at the gas station so we went around talking to people. There was a man standing outside by his car kinda looking at us and scratching a lottery ticket so we approached him, we didn’t get very far with him cause the member showed up but we still planted a seed! 

The rest of the week we visited a few of our investigators who are stating to make a lot of progress! One of our investigators named James finally got the okay to be baptized from his parents so we are super excited for that! Unfortunately though he is leaving to college in June so we might have to wait till he comes back:/

We are seeing more and more progress each week though with the Lord’s work, we have a few people who are getting closer and closer which is so awesome! But that was pretty much it for this week, I hope everyone has a good week! I love ya!

Elder Summers

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