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Sorry it’s a little late today, we went to the temple this morning which was fantastic! This week was a little crazy but it was super good! On Tuesday we were biking to a neighborhood to knock on doors and we were at a stop light waiting to get the walking sign to cross the street. As soon as it turned we started to bike.

Immediately a car that was pulling out of the gas station right by us started honking at us a lot trying to get our attention. Thinking it was just some member saying hi I turned and waved at them. Well as I waved I could see that the man was telling us to come talk to him, and it was not anyone we recognized. We quickly turned around and the man rolled down the window of his truck. He was on the phone with someone but when we got there he told the person to hold on because he needed to talk to us.

The man told us he wants us to come visit him the following afternoon around the same time. He told me to write his address down then he started telling me his address. There was a line of cars behind him and we were blocking cars from coming into the gas station. He then drove off. Elder sanders and I pulled off to the side and were just baffled at what had just happened. We never got his name or a number so we just call him Gods Miracle, except he wasn’t home any of the times we tried stopping by.. we are working on meeting him again though haha.

On Sunday night after dinner we went to knock doors in a neighborhood we were before dinner and when we locked up I prayed and said “let us have an experience we will remember” that was the key to crazy stuff. Elder Sanders flipped and he was scared because now something was going to happen. The first few houses nothing really happened, we met a few weird people but nothing crazy, well we get to about the fourth house and a man opens the door and I told him we were missionaries for Jesus Christ and he was astonished and invited us in and had us sit down and he gave us water and turned the fan on to cool us off cause it was humid outside after the rain.

We talked a bit then he asked if we could start with a prayer, so we did and as I was praying he was whispering  “yes Jesus, amen Jesus, Jesus yes, amen” to everything I was saying! (That’s what a lot of people in the south like to do when you pray) I’m still not use to it so every time it happens I was try so hard to not bust out laughing

So after the prayer he asked what we had to share with him. I we started to share the restoration with him but he cut us off just before the first vision and went off on a tangent about a few things but we tied it back to prophets and shared the first vision and it was so powerful, after that we just bore testimony and said whatever came to mind and the room went quiet and you could feel the peace, his whole attitude changed and he wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon. 

Every week we try to set goals of how many people we wanna talk to so because it was Sunday night we realized we were just one person short of our goal the whole bike ride I prayed to find someone to talk to, not very many chances were given…. we almost talked to a dude at a Red Box but that would have been creepy… so we went to the light and we got a walk sign, every light we went to we got a walk sign so we took it as god was telling us to keep going straight till we find someone or hit the projects.

Eventually we get a stop signal  right in front of the projects and someone at the red light yells “Yeah Mormons!!!” Then shuts the door to their car. The light turns green and they go straight in the direction we are and the whole time they are yelling encouraging things at us and slowing down. They eventually stop and let us get close then they slowly drive off. Elder Sanders biked next to the car and handed them a picture of Jesus while biking next to them and told them to check out the video haha it was hilarious and a great way to end the week. 

On Sunday during church the Stake President announced that Fort Yargo’s Ward boundaries will be expanding which means we get more members but it also means our area is doubled and we are still on bike so we will see how this goes. They expanded it south, and to give you an idea how far the border was before the change it was an hour bike ride so now it will be an hour plus to get to anywhere in the new part of the area. We are super excited though cause this could change a lot of things! I hope everyone has a great week! Keep staying awesome and enjoy your week! Stay prayed up (:


Elder Summers

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