A Farmer’s Week

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jun 15, 2017 | 0 comments

This week was mostly filled with meetings and other stuff, we had our last zone conference with President and Sister Bennion so it was sad but was still really good.

So we had some exciting news this last Monday we got a text from Brian Presnell and he said he wanted to be baptized! Which was a miracle! He’s been looking into the church for about 2 years almost 3 and he finally felt ready to move forward which is awesome!

We stopped by a few times to plan out his baptism and talk more about it. His baptism will be this Saturday June 17th! So he will be confirmed a member on Father’s Day which is Super cool! He told us a fun fact, the first time he ever came to church was the Father’s Day weekend 3 years ago. You never know how much of an impact you have on someone cause down the road they may accept it.

Another cool experience we had this week; we were following up with someone that used to investigate the church to see if they were still interested. A lady answered the door and told us the person we were looking for was her sister but she no longer lives there.

So we decided to talk to this lady instead. She has had a bad experience with churches in the past and had a few different view points about the Bible and things; but then she told us she believes there should be three different areas in heaven. I turned and looked at Elder Sanders and we both just smiled so each other then proceeded to tell her about life after death.

We ended up giving her a Book of Mormon to read and a Restoration Pamphlet as well as a plan of salvation Pamphlet. Before we left we asked to say a prayer with her because she was struggling with some stuff. As I was giving the prayer she tells me to pray for her cats as well, (side note she takes in the neighborhood cats so she has 20+ cats living with her). So I added In her cats to the prayer.

Well a few days past and we were in the area last night so we stopped by and she had her neighbor over. We talked with them for a bit and it turns out her neighbor met with missionaries 12 years ago! The lady that lives at the house asked us if we wanted to hear something really cool. So of course we said yes cause who doesn’t!

She then told us that the day after we came by she went to the store to get cat food with a little money she had and wasn’t going to be able to get a whole lot. Well to her surprise when she walked up to the aisle to get the bag of cat food her cats favorite food was on rollback and was super cheap, so she was able to get double of what she was originally able to get! She said cat food is never on rollback!

She told us she knew it was because of our prayer and because of God. She told us in total there were 3 things that happened as miracles following our prayer. We told her it was a sign from God and invited her to keep reading and praying and blessings will keep coming.

We also found out that she has Native American in her so we explained that he Book of Mormon is a record of Native Americans, she was shocked! 

The moral of the story is that Heavenly Father answers prayers and over time seeds grow. Unfortunately the lady still didn’t want to really put in a lot of effort to pursue this path in her life but said down the road she will.

It’s sad but I promised her she will look back to when we talked on her porch and she will say that it was because we came and talked to her that her life started to change. It may not be her time now but I know she will be ready on the Lord’s time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you so much, stay cool(:


Elder Summers

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