Led By the Spirit

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jun 21, 2017 | 1 comment

Hey sorry this is super late it’s been a crazy day today so this is going to be short!

Brian’s baptism got moved to next week on the 24th! So we are preparing for that! We have been doing a lot of knocking doors this week.

One experience we had was when we stopped by to visit a member who wasn’t very active in the church. When we knocked on the door a lady answered and asked us how we knew. A little confused we asked her what she meant. She asked us again, “How did you know to come visit us?”

She had been praying for missionaries to come by her house so she could take the lessons and get back into church more. As we sat down and talked with her and her brother we realized that we weren’t just sent there for her and her family but we were also sent there for us. She had helped us realize a few things we were missing in our lives.

She had such a strong connection with Heavenly Father and was there to help her family get back to the right path. It’s amazing to see the Spirit guide someone’s life to where they need to be.

The rest of the week was pretty good! I’m so sorry this email is so short I’ll send a more detailed one about this week along with next week’s. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Stay cool 😎 


Elder Summers 

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  1. Love Elder Summers’s stories! What a great writer!!

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