We got Nerfed

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jun 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Alright so the good news is I’m staying in Fort Yargo another transfer which is pretty sweet. My new companion is going to be Elder Merritt which I’m super excited about; the guy is a stud. I have a good feeling about this next transfer!

On Saturday the 24th Brian was baptized which was really exciting. It was a wonderful service and pretty much half the ward showed up. There were a few unplanned curve balls that Satan tried throwing at us; such as programs never got made or printed, the room steamed up because the font water and it was packed with people so everyone was sweating buckets, but overall the Spirit was very strong! His family aren’t members but they came to support! 

Overall the week was pretty weird though. The whole week we have been getting rain from the tropical storms that are happening so each day consisted of biking in pouring rain for 30-45 minutes then it being completely sunny like nothing happened. Georgia whether is so messed up!

On Friday morning we were knocking doors and as we were standing there waiting for someone to answer the door a car pulls into the driveway next door so we decided to leave and knock on that one cause someone just got home.

When we knocked on it a teenager answers the door, we had a little small talk and the kid then asks, “Do you wanna have a nerf war?” Elder Sanders and I look at each other and just kind of shrugged and said why not. The kids face lit up, then 3 more people emerge from the furniture with Nerf guns.

I guess they thought we were Jehovah Witnesses and were going to shoot us, but they were shocked when we told them we were Mormon and we wanted to play.

What was funny was when we were about to enter the house we turned around and there was Jehovah Witnesses knocking doors in the same neighborhood about to come knock on this kid’s door haha.

It was sweet though, we played a few games then taught them about the church and shared a few things with them, they were all in high school and thought missions were awesome and they all wanted to go on one!

They wanted us to come back next week but we were sure if that was to talk or to play with Nerf guns again haha.

That was pretty much the most exciting part of our week other than the baptism. I hope your week goes well, I love you all, take care!

Elder Summers

P.S. There is this thing called a prayer mile, and for that whole mile you basically say a prayer, it’s kinda like holding your breath in the tunnel, just something fun to do while you drive, but in the south everything involves Jesus.

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