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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jul 13, 2017 | 1 comment

Hey everyone! This week was pretty sweet the south really knows how to celebrate holidays there were constant fireworks going off every night.

Our whole Fourth of July consisted of doing service in the morning for a member who is an inventor, his name is Brother Gliddens. Before we started he showed us some of his inventions and hobbies that he has. One of those was egg carving which is legit! It takes some serious patience to carve into eggs. Another thing he showed us was his car that he built out of 26 different cars. This blew my Lego building out of the water. He has some pretty sweet stuff.

We had a BBQ after doing service with another member so I can check good ol’ southern BBQ off my list of things to try. We spent the rest of the day knocking on doors and talking to people who were lighting off fireworks.

As for the rest of the week we did a lot of tracting and came across some cool people. We had people tell us we weren’t Christian, we got into a bash with a minister for a jail, an agnostic, as well as a Jehovah Witness which was pretty interesting.

But as far as people actually interested in joining the church we came across a family who was super awesome; they were searching for a church because they felt that all the churches now are straying from the original doctrine Christ taught and they are all about money. So next week we are going back to teach them! 

I had a really touching moment this week while we were knocking doors. We knocked on this one house that had a good size garden outside of it. The first knock no one answered so we knocked again and this lady opens the door and was talking to us through the screen door.

Her name was Cora. This woman was so soft spoken and sweet and immediately when she talked to us I felt an overpowering love for her. She was 92 years old and had running shoes on like she was going to run a marathon; I loved it! She didn’t have a walker or anything, so she was in really good shape.

Now I saw all this because the more we talked with her, she told us she was just about to start her second treatment of cancer. She had already been through this once and had beaten it and was recently diagnosed for a second time.

My heart ached. I could just feel her strong spirit and faith just through the words she spoke. Sadly all we could do was just say a prayer with her on her porch but afterwards I had the impression that she may not except it in this life but that experience she had with us will carry over after this life and she will except it later on.

I’m so grateful for those tender mercies and comforting promptings that come through the spirit.

I love each of you so much, I hope you have a wonderful week! 


Elder Summers

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  1. We think if you so often Dakota and pray that you will keep having experiences that will touch your heart and bless your life now and later!
    Love and Hugs!
    Uncle mike and aunt Kaye Lynn

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