Choosing Positivity

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Aug 31, 2017 | 0 comments

I am beyond excited to share a little bit of what I learned this week with y’all. On Thursday we had a Zone Conference and President Marsh and his Wife talked about a variety of things but there are two that I want to touch on.

One, our Attitudes in the midst of trials. Everyday we are faced with circumstances that will leave us with the choice of how we will respond to it. We can choose to respond with a bad attitude or a good attitude.

There is a quote by President Thomas S. Monson that says: “We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude.” How many times in life does something happen and it just ruins your day?

Maybe it’s one of those days where you feel like God is picking on you because you’re facing trial after trial and nothing seems to be going your way. It’s in those moments where Christ is there for us the most. He’s been to the depths of your hurt and back. It’s in those moments where we need to choose what we are going to take away from the trial.

In Alma 62:41 it says, “But behold, because of the exceedingly great length of the war between the Nephites and the Lamanites many had become hardened, because of the exceedingly great length of the war; and many were softened because of their afflictions, insomuch that they did humble themselves before God, even in the depth of humility.”

Amidst the war that was going on people had an attitude of humility and their hearts were softened. How can someone come out of a war with a good attitude? It’s because they chose to. They chose to not let the trail harden their heart. How relatable is that!

Everyday we are in a constant war against the adversary and everyday we are given the choice to pick which attitude we will have. Like President Monson was saying, even in our toughest trials we can still have happiness, peace, and contentment if we just simply choose to put a smile on our face and put a smile on our face. 

Now the second thing, family history is amazing. I have honestly grown to really enjoy learning about our ancestors and I look forward to opportunities everyday to tell people how amazing our family is. This week I learned the coolest thing.

I was talking to my mission President about my family tree and I told him I couldn’t find any names to take to the temple and he looked at me and asked me to log in to my family tree. In about 6 clicks he found over 200 names of people who haven’t received the saving ordinances. It blew my mind.

Now I share this with you to show you that first, family history is easier than we think, and two there is more than one way to do things haha. I hope each of you choose to have a wonderful week! I love each of you so much!


Elder Summers

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