Faith Through The Storms

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Sep 14, 2017 | 1 comment

Hey fam, I wanted to start by saying we are all safe and sound (:

It was a little rough in the beginning of the day because we were out of power and had to sit in the dark for a while untill a missionary had an allergic reaction to our apartment so we had to move. But everything is settled down and we are all good!

This whole week has been crazy with everyone getting ready for the hurricane coming in. On Thursday we got a call from a senior services center that does food for the meals on wheels and they told us that they were having a lot of boxes come in for emergency food boxes because the influx of weather that was coming in.

They called us last minute and asked if we can get a few more people to come help, well we weren’t going to just bring another companionship with us.

We ended up bringing 26 missionaries and to see the look on their face when we walked in was unbelievably amazing. They were so grateful for the little effort we could give.

A few things I’ve learned through all these disasters is the power of prayer as well as how much support the church gives to others. So many prayers are being said for those that were involved in Irma as well as those in Texas and there is an immense amount of support and willingness to help others.

The thought that I want to leave with you is that through all of the chaos and storms that go on in the world and in life we are given the chance to grow. Our faith like a seed is nourished in these times. If a tree never experienced the stress and pushing and pulling of the wind then its roots would never be deeply planted in the ground.

If we never go through hard trials our faith begins to grow weak, it’s not deeply planted in the gospel. 

These past few weeks have been stressful with half our family being in Orlando but I’ve never felt more comfort in my life as I’ve placed my faith in God’s plan that everything will be okay.

I have a firm testimony of the power of prayer and I know God hears all of our prayers. I ask for you continue to keep everyone who has been affected by these storms in your prayers and seek ways to get involved in serving others.

Now is such a wonderful time to reach out and share your love and support to them. I hope everyone stays safe.

I love you so much! It’s a blessing to be apart of such a great work and seeing the tender mercies and love of the lord every day. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Stay blessed!


Elder Summers

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  1. What a blessing Elder Summers is! 26 missionaries?! AWESOME!!

    I love this missionary! Every letter is a lesson in itself.

    Is everybody home safe now?

    You’ve been in our prayers. Dakota will continue to be.

    Sister Robinson

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