Unseen Opportunities

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Sep 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Well those 6 weeks went by fast. Transfers are tomorrow and I will be staying here in Dacula but Elder Reary will be leaving. We got a call Thursday afternoon that I will be training a new missionary fresh out the MTC 😎 so essentially I’ll have a son. 😊

This past week has been a little weird because of Hurricane Irma but nothing to much changed. A lot of people lost power, including us, but it was back to normal pretty quickly. Our ward is making plans to go down to Florida to help out with clean up.

The only thing we got to help out with was picking up sticks and branches in yards for people that couldn’t. We actually had a cool experience with this. One day we were driving to service at an assisted living and we passed by this house that missionaries have stopped by in the past to do service for.

When we passed we saw there were branches all over her yard and a lot of sticks and leafs. We made it a mental note that we wanted to stop by and clean it up for her because she was an elderly lady that couldn’t lift a lot anymore but we didn’t know when we would have time. We kept with our schedule and went to the assisted living.

When we finished service at one assisted living we went to the other next door and after we met with the lady that was in charge of assigning us stuff to do she told us that oddly enough that day there wasn’t anything they needed help with. So this left us with an hour that we weren’t expecting we would have. Elder Reary and I both thought about that lady’s house we had passed on the way over. 

We went home and changed into service clothes then went to the ladies house. When we told her what we were there to do she was overwhelmed with gratitude. She told us it was a huge blessing to her life. The day before she was stressing out about how she was going to clean her yard so by us showing up it was an answer to her prayer.

The Lord will give us unplanned opportunities to serve others. He is aware of our needs and he hears all of our prayers, I know that it wasn’t by some random coincidence that we had an hour freed up in our day to serve someone who was in need. He gives us these opportunities if we are searching for them and in times when we least expect it.

I hope you find simple ways to reach out to others because I have gained such a testimony of the spirit that it brings into the lives of those you’re serving as well as comfort into your own life. Christ sought the unseen opportunities, he followed where the spirit directed, and He blessed those who were in need.

We are surrounded by individuals everyday who are placed in our paths that may need our help. Are we doing all we can to find those people?

I’m so grateful for this gospel and for the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us and the example He set. I hope and pray that all of you continue to follow that path he has set and you feel of the love that comes through following his example.

I hope you create a wonderful week and you stay safe! I love you so much, take care!


Elder Summers 

P.S. We found a raccoon. He reminds me of a super hero with a mask so I made a mask.

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