Greenie Fire

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Sep 28, 2017 | 0 comments

Whoa… first things first I got a prodigy on my hands. Elder Scoresby is so awesome! We’ve had an eventful week filled with so many miracles and great memories.

On Friday night we were biking over to Walmart to store contact because not a lot of people were home due to it being Friday.  Friday’s mean nothing to me anymore it’s just a regular day which is sad but that’s beside the point.

As we were biking we stopped to give a picture of Jesus to a man walking into a fast food joint. He gladly accepted it and went on his way. We were about to leave but I noticed a man sitting in the car next to us with his window down and he heard our conversation to this man. I didn’t want to be rude and deprive the guy in the car from getting a sweet picture of Jesus coming to the Americas so I joking asked, “hey you want one to?” Cause I knew he heard the conversation.

The guy in the car said sure and he got out to get the card. We got off our bikes and stood there and talked for a bit. It turns out this man has recently turned his life around all thanks to God. We ended up teaching the entire restoration to him. When we said the first vision we paused afterwards and he looked at us and said, “wow… that gave me goose bumps.”

We helped him see that the spirit was testifying to him of truth. This man ended up telling us that the first vision has way too much detail to be false and he knew it was true. To make things short, we set a baptismal date for October 21, 2017. We were blown away by how accepting he was and how perfect the timing was.

Now a downside to the story but yet it’s a comforting downside. We found out this man lives just outside of our area so we have to refer him to another set of elders but, guess what area he is in? Fort Yargo.

As I thought about this I saw what had happened. These past few weeks when I was looking at my time in Fort Yargo I’ll be honest I saw it as sort of a failure. Granted we had some success and we did a lot of great things but for me personally I felt like I didn’t do enough. All we did was knock doors and we never saw success from it.

My whole time there every time I would plead with the Lord for someone to show interest my answer was always, “be patient, you’re just planting seeds.” That’s always hard because you put so much work and effort in but you never see the harvest. But I’ve learned to be okay with it and to trust in a God more because of the experience I had serving 6 months there.

Now here I am finding someone I had missed in Fort Yargo, someone who has been prepared at the right moment in his life to accept the gospel. It showed me that there is someone in every area that is ready to hear the gospel and when the Lord knows you’re ready and the other person is ready, He will cross your paths.

His plan is much greater than anything we can understand but I know and can testify that it is a perfect plan. I’ve definitely seen that being with Elder Scoresby, he’s teaching me things I never knew I needed to learn, he’s showing me different outlooks on life and those we see each day. He’s got the “Greenie Fire” and it’s contagious I’ll tell you that much. But it’s so wonderful to see someone see eager and willing to serve the Lord.

On a more humorous note, we’ve had spiritual moments but we’ve also had some moments that could have been thought about before acting haha.

We came home from dinner Sunday at 5:40pm, as we were walking down to open the door I turned around and chucked the keys really high into the air to make Elder Scoresby catch them so he can unlock the door. (We like to throw things lol) well he didn’t catch it and it landed in the dirt on the side of the house, just missing a bush, so that was a tender mercy!

Elder Scoresby went to pick the keys up to throw them back to me but he didn’t look where he was throwing and was trying to throw them over the tree. In this process he managed to throw them onto the middle of the roof!

We immediately started laughing! It was our only pair of keys, the members we are living with were out of town so we didn’t have a spare key. So in reality you could say we reached an impasse. It was a mess, needless to say God has a plan and I remembered I left my window unlocked for some odd reason so we were able to get inside and we later got the key before a meeting.

Lesson learned, look before you throw. 😊 Our whole week was filled with “Green Moments” but it makes for good memories. 😊 I love y’all and I hope you create wonderful week!


Elder Summers

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