Spiritual Nourishment

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 5, 2017 | 0 comments

How’s it going? This past week was spiritually nourishing in so many ways. I’ll start with Tuesday. We had gone on an exchange with the Zone Leaders, Elder Martinez and Klingler, to their area and I don’t know what it is but something cool always happens when we do this.

We were having a lot of success knocking doors and finding people to listen to us, but the best part was actually Tuesday night. The Zone Leaders had to go to a stake meeting so we went on another exchange with Elder Moulton and his companion (they live in the same apartment as the Zone Leaders).

Elder Moulton and I knocked doors in a apartment complex and we found a lady named Shirley. She answered the door ecstatic to see us!  She said she had seen missionaries riding bikes but always wondered what message they share and what they believe. Now here we were knocking on her door wanting to tell her.

Elder Moulton and I told her we could share one of two messages, one on family history and the other on the message of the restoration. We ended up teaching the restoration but when we got to the Book of Mormon we tied it in and taught family history. It was honestly one of he more spirit filled lessons I’ve had.

After talking for a while we found she’s never been baptized but always wanted to know what it felt like so we put her on date for October 28th! Sadly It wasn’t Elder Scoresby’s and my area but it was great to see that there is always someone waiting to hear your testimony.

The biggest thing that matters is helping someone else come to the same understanding and knowledge of the fullness of the gospel.

Now for a Greenie Moment, Elder Scoresby experienced his first flat tire Wednesday morning(: Son like father, it was in front of a shady gas station! His flat wasn’t really a normal one either, typically we get flats from glass or little things, but his was a full on nail all the way through his tire haha.

The odds were so slim but he was the chosen one! We got his bike all patched up and he’s good to go, no one was harmed. 

This whole week was kind of crazy but very spiritually nourishing. We met with our homeless friend James again and he’s honestly surprising us as to how much he knows and is open to hearing about the church.

We had a lesson on the curb in a Walmart parking lot on temples and family history and he has been recently having thoughts that he needs to be married in the Mormon church and he didn’t know why. So we explained to him what it means to be married in the temple and the power behind it and he said he felt the Spirit so strongly when we told him about it.

We are hoping to get him to come to church because everything we have taught him he knows it’s true! The temples and this entire gospel have been given to us to utilize to exercise our faith in our savior Jesus Christ.

I’m grateful for the restored gospel and a prophet on the earth today to help us in these times, and I’m grateful for the technology we have to be able to share the gospel as well as receive it so we can hear the words of the apostles.

I hope everyone was able to watch at least a little bit of conference, if not try to! I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I love you! 


Elder Summers

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