Message of Hope

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Oct 26, 2017 | 0 comments

Dearest everyone,

Nothing to crazy happened here, it was a pretty fair week and just about another a week in the life of a missionary. I’ve noticed though that throughout the week I’ve seen the attribute of hope be tested. Now I won’t sugar coat it there are days that you just don’t want to get out of bed, it’s just kinda how life rolls.

You will always face the trap of repetition because eventually when you do something for a while and you don’t see much, you get discouraged and your hope of seeing something happen dwindles. I’m not saying we didn’t see anything because believe me God’s hand is in everything and there is always something being taught to us. 

But I wanted to share with you that just like faith, our hope is always being used. “Hope is an abiding “trust” (also known as faith) that the Lord will fulfill His promises to you.” I heard a story this week about a young women who had a lot of athletic ability, she had amazing talent in several sports and it seemed like she had everything going for her. Until one day she messed up in one of the sports and it led to her getting paralyzed from the waist down. It changed her life to face something she wasn’t expecting.

And right there is when it hit me that within seconds your entire life can change, all of your dreams, your ambitions, your goals, loved ones, talents, personalities, it all can change. But the question I ask you, is for what purpose? I think that question gets tossed into our heads a lot when something seems to turn south, when suddenly we are given something we were never expected, we are asked to live a new life, we are asked to cope with the trials of anxiety, fear, doubt, or depression. It’s caused by the unknowing of what life will be like from then on. And it’s at those moments when trying to figure it out that we are then asked to do one more thing, trust God. 

I don’t know about you but that is stretching someone pretty good. During the story of this young woman she shared the experiences she had of trying to go back to what she loved and because of her determination she succeeded a few times but shortly learned that God had changed her life and she was refusing to accept it.

She was focusing on what she lost rather than what she could be gaining. Since that realization she has sought out her dreams in a different way, she helps motivate others, she does what she can, but most of all she bares her testimony of what she knows. And what she knows is that God has a plan.

Someone once asked her if she was given the opportunity to go back to the day where she got paralyzed and change it so she wouldn’t be, would she do it? At first with no hesitation she said YES! But after pondering in the question she realized how much she has learned because of her accident, she sees the new perspective she was given and now her response changed. 

My testimony to you is that no matter the situation you may be, no matter the circumstances you may have been given, there is always something much greater than what you may be seeing. There is a plan, there is a reason.

When I went to bed that night I heard the story I was going to just say my prayers kneeling in bed but I had the thought come to me that said, “what about those people that want nothing more than to kneel down to say their prayers” I thought of people like this young woman who can’t do that anymore given their circumstances. I realized that sometimes my problems may seem hard, but there is always someone who has it worse.

When you wake up, remember that you are being given another opportunity to see life differently, we may not be able to choose the outcomes, but we can choose our attitude. We can choose to trust in the Lord’s plan, because as we do that our burdens may become just slightly easier. And that, is the lesson I learned on hope this week.

I love all of you and I hope you create a great week! 


Elder Summers

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