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Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 9, 2017 | 0 comments

You. Are. Loved. These three words can honestly change someone’s life. Think about it, when’s the last time you told someone you truly loved them and cared about them, or at least told someone how much you sincerely appreciate what they do, whether that is for you or someone else.

It’s the simplest little thing but yet we often forget the power behind our words. One person is all it takes to show you how much you truly mean to others, it takes one person to show you the purpose your life has, it takes one person to point out the amazing and unique gifts and talents you possess. 

I had a unique experience this week, and I won’t go in depth with it but I was really moved by this experience because it showed me the amount of impact someone can make on someone else’s life.

We met with someone who has been facing an immense amount trials that you couldn’t even imagine. As we listened to this person for about an hour they asked us a question, “why did you come here tonight?” We paused for a few seconds and I looked at this person and responded,  “…we came because we felt a prompting from the Lord that we needed to see you. And I KNOW He sent us here as an answer to your prayers, to show you that He hears you, and that you have people who love you and care about you.”

They began to cry. That was all they wanted, was for someone to tell them that they are loved. We helped them see that their life has meaning, and that helped me realize me that not a whole lot of people know that. 

Life isn’t easy, it’s filled with trials, and sometimes those trials can be overbearing, but it’s something we can learn from. Going back to the story of this person we met with. It didn’t take some elegant all inspired pep talk to help them, all it took was a simple testimony to show someone that they have meaning.

Sometimes all we can do is be someone who is willing to listen and to show that they care. We all want to be loved and appreciated in life, it’s part of our nature. My heart broke for them, all I could think about was how much I wish they understood about the love their Father in Heaven has for them and I wished I could help them see the amount of meaning their life has.

We were sent to the earth to do amazing things! We were all placed here during these times because our Father in Heaven knew of the strength we all have. Our trials are unique to us because we all have unique talents and personalities to handle them. 

There is nothing more that I want in life than to help someone realize that YOU ARE LOVED! And that your life HAS MEANING! I can only testify to you that life gets better. Being on the other end of this and seeing someone who literally feels like they have hit rock bottom in life I know that it’s hard. I know it’s something that drains you of all your hope and faith and it’s very very difficult to move forward, but day by day, breath by breath, you will see that because you are still alive, because you chose to get out of bed that day, that the Lord has a purpose for you.

There is a purpose for your life each and everyday, you have gifts no one else has and you have a heart that no one else can give, because you are worth everything in the sight of God. He willingly GAVE his only begotten son to sacrifice HIS life, through blood shed, tears, and death, for YOU. That’s how special you are.

I hope each and everyone of you realizes that, and I hope if you see someone who struggles to realize that that you can reach out to them and let them know you’re their, be that person for them to help them see that THEY. ARE. LOVED.

I hope you have a wonderful week, stay blessed, I love you!

Elder Summers

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