Park Experiment

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 17, 2017 | 0 comments

Dearest Everyone, this week nothing to spectacular happened. There were a few moments where we witnessed the power of prayer and saw little miracles as we were out talking to people.

On Saturday afternoon we went to the park to talk to Aussie it was Veterans Day and we figured people would be out enjoying life at the park, which surprisingly wasn’t the case it was fairly cold in my opinion so I don’t blame people for not going. But as we were biking around we two people walk over and sit on a bench.

We stopped and asked them if they could help us out with an experiment. We handed the women a Book of Mormon and asked her to pick any random page and highlight anything that refers to God, Jesus Christ, a higher power, etc. they were willing to help and after a few moments of reading they were quite impressed with the things they were learning.

It turns out they had stopped going to church a while back and were looking to get back into going and when we explained our message and what a church service is like they couldn’t wait to check it out! Every time something like this happens it always puts us on cloud 9 cause it’s so amazing to watch the spirit testify of truth to these people.

Now unfortunately, when we texted them later the women had given us a false number so we aren’t able to get ahold of them again… BUT they have a copy of the Book of Mormon and who knows, maybe they will pick it up one day down the road and read more of it. For now it’s just a seed.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoys the fall!!! I love you!


Elder Summers 

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