Time Is Valuable

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 22, 2017 | 0 comments

Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving this week! The past week has been a little adventure in a way.

We had a Zone Conference which reminded us of how precious our time is on our missions and in our lives. And this seemed to be a reoccurring theme throughout the week as we went about our days.

The time we spend each day has so much value, in just seconds everything can change whether that is our circumstances, our perspective, our ability to do things, whatever it is it has the possibility to be affected in just the blink of an eye.

If you really think about it that’s kinda nuts! You can wake up one morning and face the day with the same mentality you’ve been facing each day with but because our Heavenly Father has a plan He could very well make little changes in your life that day to place you in a different path and to prepare you for something else that we may not understand at the moment.

Time is so valuable. So often we miss important moments in our lives or someone else’s because we are too pre-occupied with something else and we misuse our time.

Now that could be because of school, work, sports, activities or it could be flat out that we are sucked into a mobile device or computer or video games. Things that may not seem harmless at the time could very well lead us to forget to stop and interact with those around us, to create bonds with family or friends or neighbors.

There is so much to do in this world when it comes to reaching out and lending a hand to someone and  simply serving others. 

Jesus Christ has been a perfect example for us when it comes to serving, and I wanted to share a lesson I learned this week about his sacrifice for us.

His sacrifice was the greatest act of service, he gave his life so that others may be forgiven and could live with God again. But his sacrifice wasn’t just for when we mess up, his sacrifice is there to help us progress in our lives. And the way we can do that is through remembering him and his example.

Jesus spent any moment he could, teaching and serving others to show us that service is all around us, and we can have opportunities to be apart of them but we need to consciously make the decision to look for them.

If we are to occupied with what the news has to say or what social media presents to us, then we can miss what the Lord is trying to present to us.

We are always in need, and there is always something to do. Our time here is limited so we need to use it wisely. 

I know I say this a lot but I’m grateful to be out here serving others and the Lord and I’m especially grateful this week because it is Thanksgiving and in our home we have a tradition to share what we are thankful for.

I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to share this Thanksgiving with others to help them feel of the savior’s love for them,

I’m grateful for the joy this gospel brings to people and the peace they can feel in their lives as they go through trials.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ for me though is the greatest thing I am grateful for because it makes anything and everything possible. Because of his sacrifice I am grateful that families can be together forever.

I have the most amazing people in my family and I couldn’t imagine life without each and everyone of them. You all bring such a wonderful spirit into my life and I want you to know how much I love and care about all of you.

Thanksgiving is a reminder for us to take the time to ponder on the blessings we have been given in life. And that is my testimony and challenge I leave with you this week.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and y’all stay safe!


Elder Summers

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