Thanksgiving Day

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Nov 30, 2017 | 0 comments

My thanksgiving was remarkable, I’ve never really had a thanksgiving like this one before. It was different but it brought one of the greatest feelings.

Now normally our Thanksgiving would look like just a regular day, except this time when we are knocking doors and trying to talk to people they get more mad cause it’s a family day and no one wants to hear about a different religion because they are happy with where they are at.

So instead of being a hindrance on days like that we decided to try something different this Thanksgiving and just serve people. Pretty simple right? 

We have found that more people were open to talking with us when they saw we were willing to help them. Now sometimes a good service opportunity could be deceiving I only say that because the first person we offered to serve to ended up having us sit down in some chairs and watch them burn leaves as they began to bash with us haha. Which ended with us scheduling a time to come back and have dinner with their family next week. So my point still stands, service is good! 

Fun fact, did you know that about 60% of people in nursing homes won’t get a visitor during their stay there? That’s a lot! So to help out we went and paid some people a visit at an assisted living but we found that most people went home with their families for Thanksgiving which was great news!

There were only a handful of people that stayed so we talked with them for a bit. It was amazing to see the smiles on their face when they saw people that wanted to talk with them. So many people have such remarkable stories from the journeys they have taken through life and the lessons they have learned. It was and still is a huge blessing in my life to not only hear the stories but to meet the people who have gone through them.

I’ve read stories from history about wars, or events that have happened but I never thought I would meet and hear stories from someone who was a pilot during it or a soldier, or victims from internment camps.

People who have been through unimaginable trials and are proud of where they stand because they know what it’s like to be in a worse situation. It’s people like that who truly mean what they say when they tell you how thankful they are. 

I think if I said that was it for the day I would be depriving you of yet another wonderful experience we had. Because there weren’t very many people at the assisted living we decided to go to Walmart and buy pies to give to homeless people for Thanksgiving.

As we were biking there we saw a woman with a dog standing under a tree. She seemed homeless so we stopped to talk to her to see if there was anything we can do to help.

We talked for a bit about her family and how much she was struggling, it broke my heart to hear her story but we got on the topic of faith and how the Lord blesses us when we have faith in Him and that is when she bore her testimony of how much the Lord blesses her because she knows he will take care of her.

Moments after her testimony a car pulled up next to us and two women got out and handed this homeless lady a giant bag of food with pies and drinks. She was given a full Thanksgiving meal that she would be able to feed her children with.

She began to cry and told the two women that we were just talking about how much the Lord takes care of her and her family.

God loves all his children, He’s always there for us no matter our circumstances, no matter how many times we mess up, He’s always going to love us and that example was shown to us as a testament that He is always there. He works through others just as much as He wants to work through you.

I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and that you have another wonderful week to follow! 


Elder Summers

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