Ability to Change

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Dec 21, 2017 | 0 comments

This week was such a crazy week, we had a lot of random things happen to us. On the first day with Elder Alldredge (who is awesome by the way) he got a nail straight through his tire so that put a great start to the transfer haha.

But throughout the week we have been blessed with the opportunity to witness a baptism, helped return a phone we found in the gutter on the street, got into a bash with someone, witnessed a head-on collision, Caroled to people, and we got be a part of making Christmas gifts for 218 senior citizens in the community! So to say the least it was eventful but amazing. 

Yesterday after church Avery was baptized along with his younger brother who turned 8 and it was amazing to see his faith and his desire to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ grow. They are both outstanding young men!

I felt bad because the day/ week of the baptism anything and everything that can go wrong will go wrong because Satan tries to prevent it as much as possible. Without fail, every time something always happens.

This one in particular the printer broke so there was no program, we were missing a talk, the font wasn’t filling up fast enough so it was almost to shallow, the water was freezing cold because someone turned the water off wrong after the last baptism, we didn’t have a jump suit small enough for the 8 year old so he had to use a medium jumpsuit and we rolled it. People forgot cameras, and we almost didn’t have a piano player.

But the baptism happened! Which is the most important part. 

I’ve learned this week how true this church is. Now that’s not saying I didn’t know before but through the people we talked with and through little things that happened we saw so many witnesses that God is there for us, He listens to us, and He knows each and everyone of us by name.

I love how each day He’s communicating with us, whether that be through others, or through the Spirit, He is always trying to help us in life.

As this year comes to an end a lot of people want to hope for a better future and say that next year is going to be different. But in all honesty, the seconds from 12:00-12:01 aren’t the things that will change you.

It’s your attitude/heart and the ability to align your will with God’s that will. Following the Spirit and having the faith that God’s guiding you every step of the way will make a greater impact than hoping the following year will be better.

It comes through a persistent effort and determination to really make a change happen. I couldn’t be more grateful for the miracles I’ve seen in someone’s life because they chose to do what God wanted them to do instead of following what they wanted to do.

So I want you to reflect on how this past year went and seek now how you can more fully follow God’s will, and apply the service/ Christmas spirit throughout this following year.

Life is too short to live below your potential.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week leading up to Christmas! And remember the true reason why we come together.

I love you all, stay blessed!


Elder Summers

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