He Loves Us

Posted By Elder Dakota Summers on Jan 11, 2018 | 1 comment

Hey everyone this email will be short. Earlier this week we had an unexpected miracle happen.

We went over to visit a lady that we have been teaching for a while to see how she was doing and while we were there we got on the topic of the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ which is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end.

As we discussed each one the lady told us she wants to be baptized. She’s seen the amount of joy that members of the church have and she wants that for herself. We were ecstatic! We set a baptismal date for January 20th.

My heart was so happy for her, she’s one of the sweetest ladies and is always looking for ways to help and improve and I am so grateful I was able to witness her making this decision. I couldn’t be happier seeing someone make a decision to come closer to their Savior and I think throughout this week I’ve had a lot of eye openers to how much the Savior truly does love all of us.

He is there constantly, even if we feel that he’s not. He walks with us through this journey in our life to give us comfort and council and hope because He knows what it’s like, He knows the struggles that can come because He was once there.

He’s felt our pains, our sorrows, our temptations, and He continues to remind us that there is a great an eternal plan and that this life isn’t the end.

We continue to progress into eternity and our trials will eventually go away. I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you! 


Elder Summers

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  1. I can hardly believe it has been 2 years! I am so excited to see Dakota again!I
    I’d like to help with his homecoming…if I can. ?

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